(Minghui.org) When Minghui.org issued a notice last year calling for submissions to commemorate World Falun Dafa Day, many of the practitioners in my area took the initiative to help write, edit, compile, and print experience sharing articles for submission. By the cutoff date, we had handed in more than 120 articles.

According to this year's “Notice: Call for Submissions to Commemorate World Falun Dafa Day 2019,” the April 13 submission deadline is fast approaching. We hope that more practitioners will write and submit experience sharing articles. As a token of encouragement, we'd like to share our experience of cooperating together to write such articles last year.

Encouraging Each Other to Write

After the coordinator divided our region into four areas with two practitioners in charge of each area, the rest of us started cooperating to get articles written.

One of the practitioners in charge always placed Dafa as the top priority, even though he was busy taking care of his 90-year-old father and his grandson. He and another coordinator went out every day to find practitioners who were less diligent, had left Dafa, or were afraid of stepping forward. They encouraged them to return to Dafa. Many practitioners started to write their experience sharing articles after their encounters.

Another practitioner either drove his car or took a bus with two others to the countryside to communicate with the practitioners in that area so that they would write their own articles. In an area where there are many elderly practitioners, practitioners from other areas would travel there to collect their written articles and bring them back to edit and submit them to Minghui.

Typing Out and Editing Articles

A practitioner who took on the responsibility of typing up the articles on a computer felt frustrated when she first started because she was unfamiliar with the Chinese pinyin data entry system. But she quickly realized that this was interference and negated the thought of not wanting to continue. She was then able to type up a dozen articles without a problem. She even typed up the articles on the train and continued without taking a break after returning home. She said that by cooperating, she learned how to type better and also removed her selfishness. She felt herself elevating in cultivation.

One coordinator has a grandson who helped to type up the articles on a computer. Together, they completed a dozen articles. This coordinator said, “It took me over two weeks to understand how important it was to submit an article, so I was not able to interact with many practitioners and thus some did not have time to write their articles. I was filled with regret over not completing my mission and losing precious time.”

A practitioner who was busy with his business also helped to edit articles, often until the wee hours. As he did, he enlightened that editing articles was actually a chance to cultivate himself and harmonize the Fa.

Two sisters worked together to edit the articles meticulously. They would take the articles home, edit them, print them, and take them to the Fa-study group for the authors to read and make changes. Then they would amend them, have them finalized, and send them to Minghui.

During the process, one sister found her strong attachment to comfort: “I like to rest and sleep a lot, so I was slow about the editing, and the articles that I was initially assigned had to be given to other practitioners. However, whoever took over the editing never complained about it.”

It had been many years since one practitioner had used a computer. To help type up the articles, she went to another practitioner's house to re-learn how to operate a computer. It was frustrating for her and she became anxious, but she soon realized that she should remove these notions.

As she persisted, her typing skills improved and she eventually completed about seven articles. She said, “Through this process, I have removed many human attachments. For example, at first I chose the shortest article to type, but later realized that I was being selfish and was unwilling to go through hardship. I then sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate those attachments.”

She felt that she improved greatly in her cultivation after changing her thoughts.

One couple spent all day writing and editing articles, sometimes even forgetting to eat. The wife would also travel to the homes of illiterate, elderly practitioners to help them write and compile their articles.

There was a practitioner who edited articles on her cell phone. As she did, she discovered that her husband had started practicing again after she read practitioners' sharing articles to him. She was extremely touched when she read the articles.

She said, “When helping others to compile their articles, I was deeply moved by their righteous thoughts and actions, and also the depth of their belief in Master and the Fa. That enabled me to see where I fell short.”

When she was writing her own article, she found many shortcomings and changed her view of her husband. She realized that her husband's cultivation state was influenced by her attachments, and also because she was not looking within. Her husband changed after she changed her thoughts.

“I am extremely thankful to Master for this arrangement!” she said. “I edited more than 30 articles and another practitioner submitted them to Minghui. Unfortunately, because I did not read the Minghui notice carefully when it first came out, a dozen articles lacked a name, age, and gender. I felt that I did poorly and let Master down. I will make an effort to do well in the future!”

Learning to Write Articles

There was a practitioner who'd become fearful after being persecuted. When she started having the appearance of sickness karma, she went to a practitioner's house to borrow a copy of Zhuan Falun, and the practitioner told her about the Minghui notice. She was moved and thanked Master for arranging for her to visit the practitioner.

When she said that she didn't know what to write, the practitioner told her that she could write about how she benefited from practicing Dafa. She went home, quickly finished writing her experience sharing article, and even encouraged a couple to write their own articles. She then became more diligent in cultivation and knew that she had wasted a lot of precious time in the past.

There was a practitioner who was not diligent in cultivation and rarely went to the Fa-study group. When practitioners told her about the Minghui notice, she said that she had nothing to write since she was not diligent. They asked her if she had experienced any changes after she started practicing.

She then recalled that when she stopped practicing Dafa after the persecution started, her lumbar intervertebral discs protruded again and she had to be hospitalized. After staying in the hospital for a few months, the doctors told her to go home, that they couldn't help her anymore.

When her husband found a chiropractor who told her that he would open her energy channels, she immediately recalled that Master had already opened up her energy channels. She decided to start studying the Fa again. Three days later, she could walk with some assistance, and when she finished studying nine lectures, she had fully recovered.

She became diligent after she wrote her experience sharing article and now attends the Fa-study group every day. Several other practitioners have started practicing again.

An 81-year-old practitioner wrote about cultivating for 20 years, even though she lived in the mountains and had no contact with other practitioners. She had benefited greatly from Dafa and her children were supportive of Dafa, as well.

Concluding Remarks

While cooperating to submit the articles, the coordinators and practitioners who helped to compile, edit, and submit the articles worked very hard. We could feel the power of cooperating as a whole body. We also removed many human attachments, learned how to look within to find our shortcomings and use the Fa to rectify our thoughts and actions, and felt ourselves elevating in cultivation. We are thankful to Master for pushing us forward in cultivation and also being able to play our part in Dafa.