(Minghui.org) I read an article that suggested that, when we talk to fellow practitioners, what we say should be based on the Fa and not on our human ideas. Comforting practitioners without pointing out their shortcomings is not truly helping them in cultivation.

Having an Affair

Several years ago, I had an affair with a young lady. I felt miserable and somehow desperate. I didn't dare to tell other practitioners except for an older practitioner whose celestial eye was open. I asked her how I could get out of it.

“Don't feel pressured,” she comforted me. “There is nothing accidental for a cultivator. It is not what you thought.” She then told me the story of the lady and me in one of my previous lives.

“But didn't I do wrong on this issue? That's what Master told us in the Fa,” I said.

“The Fa is so immense. It is way more than what you have understood. We should go with the flow on everything. Only going with the flow can truly resolve the predestined relationship.”

I then felt much better.

However, as I kept studying the Fa, I realized that was not right. Master also gave me a hint: “Extremely dangerous!” I then stopped seeing the lady and ended the affair.

After my level improved, I realized that the senior practitioner's explanation was a trap that the old forces set up for me. If I went with the flow, where would I end up?

What she'd said was only to comfort me at the everyday people's level. It did not help me improve. If I followed her advice to take such a major issue lightly, what would be next? The old forces might take advantage of the issue to persecute me fatally.

Borrowing Money

Several local practitioners keep borrowing money from other practitioners. Their debts come to 300,000 yuan, 500,000 yuan, or even 1 million yuan. They are unable to pay off the debts after borrowing so much.

A practitioner was sentenced to prison and his family struggled to make ends meet. But the practitioner who borrowed 1,000 yuan from him refused to repay his debt. When another practitioner asked him to return the money, he said, “No, he owed me the money in his previous life. Now we are even.”

This practitioner and the other money-borrowing practitioners have been talking to a practitioner who can see previous lives. They thought it was the right thing to do to borrow money from someone if they'd lent them money in their previous life.

Another money-borrowing practitioner asked a practitioner whose celestial eye was open, “Should we who do not have money spend the money of those who have money? Is this Master's arrangement?”

That practitioner answered with a smile, “That's true. It is not an accident that someone borrows money from someone.”

Some of the practitioners who've borrowed money have no shame about refusing to repay it: “I have no money. Wait till I do.”

This is absolutely not in accordance with the Fa. If an everyday person cannot pay his debts, he gets taken to court! This has gotten these practitioners into trouble. Some of their relatives have even developed negative views of Dafa because of it.

Master made this point clear in “Fa Teaching Given at the 2014 San Francisco Fa Conference”:

“If Dafa disciples owe one another debts, you need to repay the money. “We’re all Dafa disciples, so what’s yours is also mine”— what kind of an idea is that? (Everyone laughs) Could that be acceptable? As an independent being, you are you, and he is him. He cannot take your place in cultivation, just as you cannot take his. And this goes for one’s parents, siblings, spouse, and children—no one can take another person’s place.”