(Minghui.org) I used to be a person who was not good with words. I was a soldier by profession and had been in the military for more than twenty years. I was a medical doctor. During my years in the army, I made many friends whom I regarded as my own brothers and sisters. Ever since I retired in 2015, my cultivation environment changed.

I'd like to share how the different cultivation environment came to be and how it developed.

A Coincidental Encounter

The first person I introduced Dafa to was to a woman named Zhu Chun (a pseudonym,) a former colleague from the army. She and I used to work in the same department. Last March, she went to see a doctor at an army hospital. I happened to work there and was making a phone call. A friend told me that she was there. I spoke to her on the phone.

She told me she was sick. She had been taking medication for high blood pressure for the last seventeen years. She also had cervical spondylosis, arthritis and recently she was diagnosed with diabetes. She was very worried. I told her about Falun Dafa.

A few days later, I went to see her at her house. I told her that I practiced Falun Dafa and I then clarified the truth to her. I also told her how Falun Dafa helped me improve my health. She said she believed what I said. So I gave her the small handheld computer that I brought along and told her to listen to Teacher Li Hongzhi's (the founder) lectures. I told her I'd teach her the exercises two days later.

This was how she started to practice Falun Dafa. It has been one and a half years now, and all her illnesses have vanished. When she had a physical examination at work, everything was normal. She was very happy. She told me many miraculous stories and wonderful experiences ever since she began to practice. She is thankful to Teacher.

A Reunion

Another former colleague was a female friend who was originally from Hefei City in Anhui Province. She worked in the army until she retired. We hadn't seen each other for more than twenty years.

Last year when she went back to her hometown for a visit, I invited her over for a get together. In our conversation, she told me that forty years of life in the army brought her lots of illnesses, such as a stomach disease, cholecystitis, cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, headache, and so on. Every day she took seven or eight different kinds of medication.

I took the opportunity to introduce Dafa to her. I said I have practiced Falun Dafa for more than twenty years now, and I didn't need to take any medication. She was anxious to learn the practice from me. I taught her the five sets of exercises and gave her a small handheld computer so she could listen to Teacher's lectures. I also taught her the phrases “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance is good.”

Soon after she took up cultivation, she told me that she has stopped taking all her medication. She said she could only use the word “incredible” to describe her experiences. I encouraged her to keep advancing in cultivation and to cherish the opportunity.

Life and Hope Renewed

This is a story about a couple who had high-ranking positions in the army. The story began with a dream I had in June 2018. In the dream, I saw Jin Yulin who was a friend from my childhood. We hadn't seen each other for a long time. So when we met, she rushed over to give me a hug and said, “Why do you look so young? How do you keep so fit?” I told her I practiced Falun Dafa. She looked puzzled. I said, “You don't believe me? Go ask some colleagues in my department.” Then I woke up.

As soon as I woke up, a friend from Shanghai called. She was also someone I hadn't seen in a long time. She called about her niece who suffered from depression. She took so much medication for many years and could no longer walk. Yet she would get married in two months. The friend was worried about her niece.

Since I was once a medical doctor, she asked if there was anything to recommend to help the youngster. I said, “This is not an illness, but rather, a spirit possession controlling her body.” She said she heard about spirit possession from a so-called expert in Beijing who gave the youngster a local folk prescription. But it didn't have any effect. Perhaps that so-called expert was the type of fortune-teller or witch who casts out evil.

The youngster is now 30-years-old. Seeing doctors had already cost her tens of thousands of dollars, but it made no difference. She couldn't walk straight and just teeters around.

I said I would visit her in her home and introduce to her something very effective. In late June, I brought along a small handheld computer and met the couple and the youngster. As soon as I met them, I said I practiced Falun Dafa and wanted them to know about the practice. I also said that I made this special trip for the youngster.

First I told them that Falun Dafa is a cultivation practice which has a miraculous effect. Yet it wouldn't cost one single penny. Everyone seemed to be wary and a little scared. I said, “The practice is not how the Chinese Communist regime operates and I don't have to lie to you.”

After we had some lunch, I started playing Teacher's lectures. Then during a break, I told the youngster, “Falun Dafa teaches you to be a good person. It also helps you gain good health. You've spent lots of money seeing all kinds of doctors and even tried electric shock therapy. You were so afraid of the treatment. But Falun Dafa doesn't cost you any money and you don't have the physical pain, either.”

The youngster didn't look at me. She was pale and her face was blank. She said she was scared every day, as there was always a black gang following her. She often had bad thoughts which made her restless. Sometimes they caused her to want to die and decreased her self-esteem. Our conversations made me feel that her mind was clear and that she had no obvious diseases, at least judging from the surface.

I suggested that she stop taking the medication as she was not sick. The youngster's aunt and uncle agreed, but not her mother. Her mother insisted that she continue as the medications were very expensive. Besides, there was an upcoming appointment with a so-called specialist.

Both sides persisted with their points of view. I said, “It's entirely up to you. If you practice Falun Dafa, you will be cured. You make the choice!”

By evening, the group finally decided that she would continue the practice of Falun Dafa and stop taking the medication. By the third night, the youngster went to take a walk with her mother. When she came home, she was all sweaty because she jogged for awhile. I taught them the exercises by the fourth night. By nighttime, the youngster went out jogging again. She jogged for the entire hour! The change in her made everybody so shocked!

Teacher said,

“One only needs to worry about putting in the effort of practice, and the rest is in the hands of one’s teacher.” (The First Talk, Zhuan Falun)

I told the youngster to keep trying her best in cultivation as everything will change for the best. Her wedding took place on August 17th. It was a happy ending.

I would now like to share about the youngster's parents who were my colleagues in the army. They did all they could for their child which really touched me. Now, because of their child, they also obtained the Fa. In fact, they took cultivation very seriously. They held some important posts in the army and had many friends. I was pleased that they obtained the Fa because, subsequently, they would help awaken many more people.

I still remember the second day when we listened to Teacher's lectures, as she discovered that there was no more swelling in her neck. By the third day, the severe varicose veins in her leg disappeared. By the fourth day, she felt something in the cervical vertebra rolling back and forth when she was doing the second exercise. I told her that was Teacher adjusting her body for her!

I then went home. By the seventh day, she called me and happily said that the big lymph nodes on both sides of her armpits had disappeared! “Everything happened so quickly. Actually, too quickly!” She regretted not learning Falun Dafa sooner.

In just several days, the entire youngster's family learned about Falun Dafa. I was very happy for them. I now understand the dream that I had before. Just within seventy days, I bought five small handheld computers and three video players for them. About ten relatives of theirs also obtained the Fa.

I shared Teacher's words with them,

“You will obtain everything so long as you cultivate.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Switzerland”)