(Minghui.org) I was crossing an intersection on my electric bike when a big truck came out of nowhere and hit me in May 2018. The bike, my 18-month-old granddaughter, and I were dragged a long distance before the truck came to a stop.

The driver jumped out and saw that my hand was stuck under the front tire. He wanted to drive the truck forward, but a passerby shouted, “Don’t move the truck! There’s a child under there!”

Just then, my granddaughter crawled out crying loudly. She only had a small scratch on her forehead. However, the skin and flesh on my hand were completely torn, exposing the bone.

I was taken to a hospital. Thankfully, I didn't break any bones or injure any tissue. But my wrist was dislocated, and I had a cut that was 6.5 inches long from my wrist to my finger. The doctor said, “Your bones are really strong. You are in great health. That big truck ran over your hand, and your bones didn't break.”

I told him, “I practice Falun Dafa, so my master [Li Hongzhi] protected me.”

After the doctor examined my wound, he said, “Your skin is so torn, I'm not sure if it will heal.” I believed that Master would protect me and was not moved by his words. I told him to stitch me up as best he could.

Several days later, the doctor tried to take off the tape that covered and sealed the dressing and wound. It hurt so much that I was screaming. The doctor said, “Plead to your Master.” I then yelled, “Master, save me! Master, help me!” Immediately, the pain went away, and the doctor was able to take off the tape easily. My hand recovered quickly.

During this process, I talked to the doctor, nurse, and patients in the same room about Dafa and the persecution. They also witnessed my miraculous recovery. Four people agreed to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Before I left the hospital, the doctor said, “You should write a book about your experience.”

At home, many family members and villagers visited me. They all thought that I would lose my hand and said that I was very fortunate. I told them that it was Master who protected my granddaughter and me and that it had nothing to do with having good fortune. Someone then said, “Your Master is truly great! Falun Dafa is amazing!”

My hand has now completely recovered, and I can do all kinds of work. Although I was busy doing household chores and was not diligent in cultivation at that time, Master still protected me. To thank him for his care, I can only cultivate better.