(Minghui.org) In recent years, while going through tests, especially sickness karma tests, many practitioners have not managed to eliminate the incorrect notions formed in ordinary society. Some practitioners were persecuted to the brink of death, yet they still did not want to change.

The reason why we can’t change these human notions is because we have not been cultivating our hearts. Through the many years of cultivation, we gradually understand that pressure from outside will never change our firm belief in Dafa. However, under the pressure, in ordinary society, if we do not follow the Fa’s standards and requirements, we will never elevate in level. Therefore, we should be clear that anything in human society could make us develop attachments. It means that we have not cultivated our hearts enough. Isn’t everything we encounter meant for our cultivation?

Why do the old forces persecute us? Is it because their level is not high enough? Or that they cannot see things clearly? We know those are not the reasons. The old forces can see clearly and they have all heard Master’s Fa, so why would they still persecute us?

My personal understanding is that they do not examine themselves. They use their notions, developed from history or different environments, to evaluate things and they refuse to change those notions. They do not see their own selfishness. With this selfishness, they can only see others’ shortcomings.

In the Fa-rectification of the universe, the old forces do not even realize that they themselves are beings needing to be changed in the Fa-rectification. The old forces still think that they are helping Dafa and helping Dafa disciples elevate. Therefore, they continue to do what they have been doing.

As Dafa disciples, we all know that we still have not reached the Fa’s standards for the part of ourselves that we have not cultivated well. We still need to continue to cultivate. In today’s complicated environment, isn’t it a great opportunity for us? When the Fa-rectification is over, human beings will all understand the truth. There will be no need to clarify the truth and save sentient beings. Even if we wanted to cultivate then, we would not have the environment anymore.

Today, the old forces’ behavior makes us understand what evil is and why there is Fa-rectification. When we face beings who are not salvageable, we know how to properly handle them. If none of this was manifested, how would we be able to understand? If we do not eliminate the attachment to selfishness, we have seen the end results. We should never forget that the foundation of our cultivation is to improve our xinxing.

When facing conflicts, we need to maintain our kindness and search within. We should not view things with selfishness and warped notions. I understand first-hand that this is hard to achieve, but it is something we must do.

This is my personal understanding. Please point out anything inappropriate.