(Minghui.org) I'm a housewife who practices Falun Dafa. My moral standard has improved and my body has been purified. Throughout the years of my cultivation I have experienced the power of Dafa.

Dafa Stopped Wood Pile from Catching Fire

My husband was working with others in our area around 11:40 p.m. one night. Suddenly he saw my neighbor's house on fire. We had piled around 3,000 kg of wood beside my neighbor's house. Somehow the fire skirted around the pile of wood, and nothing happened. It was unbelievable.

Master Helped Escape Accident

When my husband and I were on an outing, we left a service area and were back on the highway. One of our tires started to lose its lug nuts, but we did not realize it. The driver behind us noticed, and motioned to us that we were having tire problems. We continued to drive and got off the highway at the next exit.

I called on Master in my mind to protect us and help us leave the highway safely. After we got off the highway, we saw that all the lug nuts were gone. Our car was towed away and we could not imagine what would have happened without Master's help.

Fast Recovery after Surgery

My aunt was hemorrhaging during surgery, when the doctor removed part of her skullcap. She was in a coma for five days after the surgery. After she finally woke up, I told her to recite, “Falun Dafa is good.”

She kept reciting the words in her mind every day. She was discharged 18 days after the surgery. The doctor said that her recovery was amazing. She had never seen another patient who recovered within such a short time after this kind of surgery.