(Minghui.org) For a long time I could not wake up early in the morning to do the exercises, and today was the same. I didn't hear the alarm that was ringing in the living room. When I awoke, with sleepy eyes I saw that it was a bit past 5:00 a.m. Although my main consciousness was ready to get up, I continued to savor the comfortable feeling, and forgot about sending righteous thoughts at 6:00 a.m. 

Out of nowhere, I heard, “You must be careful. I taught you such great Fa, but…”

I dazedly sat up and thought about what I had just heard, and suddenly realized that Teacher was talking to me because only he can spread the Fa. Shocked and scared, I knew that my cultivation state was in great danger. Like a wake-up call, Teacher had sent me a serious warning.

Totally awake, I tried to recall what had happened before I heard Teacher’s message. I vaguely remembered a dream in which I was floating in a pool with a friend. I was enjoying the time with my friend, and felt very comfortable in the water. Meanwhile, two men were sitting outside the pool, watching me drifting by. I turned my head to look closer, but they were gone. This dream signified that I had become accustomed to the comforts and ease of everyday life, while the old forces were watching what I was doing.

Teacher warned me to be careful because the old forces might use my loopholes to persecute me. Moreover, I might fail to fulfill my prehistoric mission of saving sentient beings, and lose the extremely rare opportunity to be saved by Dafa.

I had developed the habit of doing the exercises for several days, and then relaxing for a few days. I often slept through the midnight and 6:00 a.m. times for sending righteous thoughts. Laziness and the attachment of seeking comfort had numbed my main consciousness, and in the end the sleep demon took control of me.

Thinking about Teacher’s compassionate salvation, I deeply regretted neglecting the exercises for such a long time.

I read the article, “Cultivating Diligently Starts with Morning Exercises” on the Minghui website. Here is part of what the author said: “Laziness and a desire for comfort are caused by demon nature, and we must get rid of it. I now clear them away with righteous thoughts, whenever I realize their influence. I don't give them any chance to affect me. When my alarm rings, I get up immediately!”

While inspired by the fellow practitioner’s sharing, I felt ashamed of my cultivation state. 

Teacher taught me the universal great Fa, and I should do my best to cherish this opportunity. Doing the exercises is a basic requirement for a practitioner, and I must do them well. 

Guided by the great Fa, I am confident that I can remove my conventional thinking and attachments, and resolve my fear of the old forces’ arrangements. 

I must improve myself according to the Fa and eliminate laziness immediately.