(Minghui.org) I have practiced Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong) for more than 20 years. Despite the persecution, and even when facing the test of life and death, I have remained a determined cultivator.

Dafa has shown me its power countless times and I would like to share some of my stories.

Obtaining the Fa

My uncle twice attended Master Li Hongzhi’s ten-day lectures in person. He told my parents about Falun Dafa after the lectures. They started practicing along with other people from the village. Somehow he knew that I would practice in the future and kept a copy of the book Zhuan Falun for me.

Several years later, I had an awful stomachache. My family was poor and could not afford to take me to a doctor. I pressed my knee against my stomach to relieve the pain and sat down on the ground. It was agonizing.

A voice said, “Other people sit crosslegged. Why don’t you do the same?” So I sat in meditation like my family members did. The pain disappeared after a while. I now understand that Master was already taking care of me.

My stomach ached again 15 days later. Master gave me another hint that I should try doing the first exercise. I did the exercise and no longer had any pain.

After about 15 days, my stomach ached again. Master asked me to read Zhuan Falun, which I did. This time I started to practice Falun Dafa.

Body Cleansing

Master cleansed my body soon after I started cultivating. I had a fever, but recovered three days later, and haven’t had any stomach pain since.

I had heart problems when I was young, where my heart would throb fast and I couldn’t breathe. These problems disappeared after I started practicing Falun Dafa.

I was addicted to smoking and drinking alcohol. I gave up these bad habits.

I used to be involved in street fights. No one in the village dared to argue with me. Even the village director had to watch himself when talking to me.

I followed the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance after I started practicing Falun Dafa, and gave up my bad habits. One neighbor occupied some of my land, but I didn’t say anything. People would not have dared to treat me that way before I started practicing.

When I recited the Fa, Master let me see Falun. At first I didn’t believe what I was seeing. I said to Master, “Master, if I still see the Falun when I continue reading the book, I will believe it is true.” As I was flipping through the pages, I saw Falun between the pages.

Witnessing the power of Dafa touched my heart. I started to memorize the Fa from then on. I knew that every word in the book was a Buddha, a Dao, or a god.

The Persecution Begins

There were about twenty practitioners in our village. We studied the Fa and practiced the exercises together at my home. After the persecution started on July 20, 1999, the Party secretary of the local town often came to my home.

We carried on meeting at my home as usual. We put a mat in the middle when we practiced the exercises or kept one seat unoccupied. One practitioner saw that Master’s Law Body was with us every day. After the persecution escalated, we had to move indoors to study the Fa and do the exercises.

We went to Beijing to appeal for the right to practice Falun Dafa but we were taken back to our city. The officers from the town government tried to coerce us into writing statements promising to give up our belief. I refused.

The officers came to my home every day for six months. My house was monitored day and night. No one could make me give up my beliefs.

Understanding My Mission

I went out to clarify the truth to people and distribute Dafa leaflets with other practitioners, although I was not quite clear from the Fa as to why I was doing this. One incident happened to me, which made me think.

The local practitioner who was in charge of making leaflets was arrested. I contacted practitioners in another city and they gave us materials. I asked several local practitioners if they needed them. They chatted cheerfully among themselves and ignored me. I felt that I was not at their levels. I asked Master in my heart what was the reason for their behavior. A voice said, “You don’t have as much virtue!” I cried all the way home.

Through this incident I realized that I could not simply copy what other people were doing in cultivation, and needed to walk my own path. I have since brought at least 200 brochures with me every time I went out. With several other practitioners, I visited almost all the villages around our city by motorbike over the past ten years. I didn’t dare to slack off.

When the persecution started, the director of the village 610 Office often came to harass me. He didn’t come when I was out distributing materials. When I was at home, however, he came to my window and asked, “Are you still practicing?” After I answered yes, he said, “Okay, please keep practicing. I am going home now.”

I realized that I should not stay at home even one night. I had to step out to save sentient beings every day. This was my mission! Master helped dissolve many tribulations for us so that things would go more smoothly.

Master, Please Give Me Another Chance

We are able to remain safe thanks to Master. One night I couldn’t find my way home after I finished distributing materials. There was no one around. I asked Master for help in my heart. A voice said, “Go straight ahead!” So I drove my motorbike forward until I recognized the way to my home about half a mile away.

When I arrived home, I felt a strong force push my bike. I turned back and didn’t see anyone or anything. I realized that Master’s Law Body was protecting me, making sure that I got home safely.

A practitioner and I went to distribute fliers about 15 miles from my home. We took 400 brochures and over 40 banners with us. The practitioner told me that we were being followed.

We didn’t pay much attention to the car following us until there were only five banners and 15 brochures left. I felt a bit scared. We intended to stash our equipment under the bridge, but out of fear we dropped it in the wrong place and worriedly left, as there was a car behind us.

As we neared home, I wanted to go back to pick up our equipment because I thought we were not really being followed by the police and had imagined it. The other practitioner wouldn’t let me go back. I regretted it very much.

The next day I went back to look for the equipment but it was not there. The banners we put up were flowing in the wind. The colors were so bright. They looked awesome. I asked Master to give us another opportunity to do better in looking after the equipment.

Six months later Master arranged another opportunity for us. We brought the equipment with us. A car was following us as soon as we left home. It kept a distance of about 100 meters from us.

We started to send righteous thoughts, “You must leave immediately. Otherwise I will make your car turn upside down because you are interrupting our saving of sentient beings.” Soon the car turned and drove away. We put up all the banners and distributed all the brochures before returning home.

On another day, after we distributed 1,000 fliers we didn’t know where we were, and a car was following us. It sped up and caught up with my motorbike. I saw four men in the car. One of them was going to roll down the window and shout at us.

I sent forth righteous thoughts immediately, “You are not allowed to shout at us!” They didn’t shout. They continued to follow us until we were near my home.

We decided to send righteous thoughts. We were saving people, while they were doing bad things. They soon turned around.

Refusing to Be Brainwashed

A brainwashing session was going to be set up locally. The local 610 Office director visited me at my home and asked me to attend it. I said to him, “I am cultivating Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Do you want me to give it up and become a bad person again?”

“It’s only 15 days. Please attend the session. I will pay your wages and prepare food you like every day. I will treat you well as long as you go,” he said.

He was firm this time. I told him that I was going to wash my face because it was too hot. I washed my face in the kitchen, and then went out the back door, while they were still waiting for me in another room.

I thus became homeless. I hid away during the day and went out to distribute Dafa leaflets at night. I distributed 4,000 every week. I sent righteous thoughts to dissolve the evil factors that were causing me be destitute. But I had negative and aggressive thoughts about the 610 Office director.

It seemed that my righteous thoughts quit working after a while. I looked within and realized that I was not kind or compassionate when sending righteous thoughts. I was full of hatred. I adjusted my state and eliminated those evil factors that were persecuting Dafa and me.

When I was sending righteous thoughts this time, Master let me see scenes in other dimensions. I was facing the 610 Office director. There was a big white earthworm behind him, which I burned. There were a lot of messy evil spirits, and I eliminated them. After I saw the scene, I knew I could go home.

The next day the village Party secretary passed the words of the 610 Office director to me, “Ask him to come back. We don’t have any major issues. If he is wrong, ask him to apologize. If I was wrong, I invite him for a drink.”

I said to the Party secretary, “He doesn’t deserve it. He will be punished because he persecutes practitioners.”

I knew that the evil had been using him, and now he had to pay for it. Sure enough, three days later he was demoted and lost all the benefits he once had. He had worked for the government all his life, and now he had nothing to show for it. He also started to suffer from the symptoms of a stroke.

Police Officers Become Immobile

One day as I was going out to distribute leaflets, I was intercepted by the police at the gate of my residential area. They searched my home and discovered my computer, printers, and materials. I said to Master in my heart, “Master, please help me. I want to go out to save sentient beings and don’t want them to arrest me.”

I then thought of making them immobile. They were sitting on the bed. I ordered them to stand up, and they stood up. I told them not to move. They didn’t move. I walked in front of them towards the door. The police officer who was standing at the door asked me what I was going to do. I told him that I would leave, and he could not stop me.

The next day the director of the 610 Office told me to go to the police station. He said that if I didn’t go, they would list me as wanted.

At that time three practitioners visited me. I shared with them. Each of them had different ideas on whether I should go to the police station or not. I realized that I shouldn’t rely on them, but should make the decision myself.

I said, “Master, I don’t want to leave home and become destitute again. This is not the path Master arranges for me. Please strengthen my righteous thoughts and I will face them. I will not damage Dafa’s reputation.”

I went to see the village Party secretary and said to him, “I will go. But you must truthfully record what I say. Promise me that you will not detain or upset me.” He promised that the police would not detain me.

So I went to the police station. Thanks to Master’s strengthening, the tribulation was resolved. I returned home, and have been doing the three things safely since then.

Master Will Help Me Out

After the organ harvesting from living Falun Dafa practitioners in Sujiatun was exposed, I started to make leaflets about it. I spent 20 days making the materials by myself before other practitioners joined in.

I didn’t study the Fa or do the exercises during these 20 days. My righteous thoughts became weaker. The evil then took advantage of my loophole. That night as I was distributing materials in an unfamiliar place, I yielded for a car, and my motorbike fell into a ditch.

My head was bleeding. My left clavicle and left scapula were fractured. A tendon in my left arm and a rib in my left chest were broken. The broken rib was sticking out but I didn’t feel any pain. Master must have borne the pain for me.

Some practitioners said that they would contribute some money for me to see a doctor. Otherwise, I might damage Dafa’s reputation. But I believed that since I had Master, I would be able to recover without seeing a doctor.

That night, I could hear that Master was connecting my scapula in another dimension for me for at least two hours. My relatives urged me to see a doctor, but I strongly believed that Master would help me.

My practitioner sister asked me to put a sling around my neck so my arm could rest on it. I thought this was a good idea. But, as soon as I put my arm into the sling, it became very painful. I realized that this was a human way of doing things and I didn’t need it. I threw away the sling.

I could move my arm after ten days. Dafa is extraordinary. My neighbors were surprised, and said, “You’d better stay at home. It should take one hundred days to recover.”

I said to them, “Ordinary people need one hundred days. I am not ordinary people. I only need 60 days.” As a result I recovered within 60 days. I now realize that my thought was not righteous by saying 60 days. My thought had determined the result.

After 60 days, Master gave me a hint that I should go to a place about three miles away where there was a market. I went there by bicycle. Folks working on the field saw that I had recovered, and greeted me excitedly.

The whole village knew how amazing Falun Dafa was by then. Even the Party secretary didn’t harass me.

My neighbor’s brother fell and broke his clavicle five or six days before my accident. He had pain relief shots and needed medical treatment, but still had severe pain every day. It took him a year to recover. It took me 60 days.

“You Haven’t Completed Your Mission”

One day I cleared the piles of stones in my backyard. When I was clearing the last bit, I felt that my body was heavy and my back hurt, so I went to bed.

I felt a hole open up in the other dimension, and black gas was surrounding me. I lost consciousness and didn’t know anything except that I was going to leave.

My son in another city had a dream that night and saw that I had gone to the other world where my late parents and other people were. My parents saw me and said, “We are what we are. But you have a mission. Go back quickly. You haven’t completed your mission. Why did you come here?”

My son visited me the next day and told me about the dream. “Dad, people said you hadn’t completed your mission while you were over there. They would beat you until you wanted to come back.”

I gradually came to my senses. Other practitioners came to my home, studied the Fa, and shared with me. My mind became more and more clear through Fa study. This kind of incident happened to me three or four times. I realized that I indeed had a mission. I was firm in my belief in Master and the Fa every time. I knew that Master had borne the tribulation for me.

Master has given me a second life, protected me as if I was a child, and helped me mature step by step until today. He has dissolved many big tribulations, and borne a lot for me.