(Minghui.org) I had great difficulty accessing the Internet before October 1 (the 70th anniversary of the Chinese communist regime’s founding) this year. Many other practitioners had the same problem. I would like to share some of my understandings on this issue.

The old forces interfere with practitioners to try and stop us from accessing Master’s new lectures on the Minghui website, and to block communication and contact between practitioners in China and abroad.

Everything that happens in this human world is a reflection of our minds. I noticed that some practitioners have strong fear around the sensitive dates, and they’ve unknowingly acknowledged the persecution and Internet blockade that were forced upon us.

In other words, our own human notions are blocking us. Our human notions were seized by the old forces to interfere with us, and are the largest barrier preventing us from accessing the Internet. 

After realizing this, I started sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the interference. It was hard initially, as the evil elements completely enveloped me. My righteous thoughts in another dimension exploded them, but soon new evil elements again surrounded me.

I adjusted myself, strengthened my righteous thoughts, and made my human and Buddha body go into a microcosmic dimension. A passageway appeared and it became brighter and brighter with golden light. Some Buddhas, Daos, and gods flew through the passageway. I recognized that they were my fellow practitioners in this dimension who were helping me to break through the Internet blockade.

I used divine thunder to blow up the blockade completely, and asked for Master's help at the same time. After the explosion, the passageway broadly opened.

I still found some ghosts at the end of the passageway holding weapons shaped like the Eight Trigrams. They were trying to create another barrier, but their numbers were limited. They could only block part of it. I believe that those evil beings corresponded to our attachments in other dimensions.

Only when we let go of our human notions and improve ourselves in cultivation, can we truly break through the Internet blockade.