(Minghui.org) I never imagined that someone like me—a former atheist, gambler, and drug addict—would embark on the path of cultivation. In the past, the words “cultivation” and “meditation” were never part of my vocabulary. I lived a life of debauchery.

I started doing drugs around 1988, which really messed up my body. My organs—lungs, kidneys, stomach, and duodenum—were all damaged. I felt there was no hope for me and all I wished for was death. I went to rehabilitation centers but could never improve. I was imprisoned for the first time in 1994 and spent ten long years in prison.

When I found myself imprisoned for the fourth time, I thought, “This is my life. There’s no way to change fate.” But the book Zhuan Falun saved me, and my life underwent a dramatic change.

One day I noticed a golden book sitting on a shelf. For several days, my eyes always fell on that book. I just had to take it down and look at it. The cover said  Zhuan Falun. From that day on, my life was entirely different. The profound change is difficult to put into words.

Many things I read in  Zhuan Falun seemed to point directly at me. The first time I read it, I was still skeptical—were the things talked about true? I was in awe after reading the book for the second time. When I finished reading it the third time, my mind was clear. I felt Falun (law wheels) spinning all around my body. I had a dream that night—I saw myself reincarnate level by level, suffering throughout the ages here on Earth. I waited for the day Dafa was imparted and woke up only when I obtained the Fa. I knew that this was not just a dream; it was the vow that I took.

I later had the chance to obtain seven other Dafa books, and I read each of them seven times in the next three months and two days after I first learned about Falun Dafa. Then I was unexpectedly given notice that I was to be released. When I got out, I immediately went to a nearby practice site and learned the five exercises. Twelve days later, I was told to return to prison to finish my sentence. I'm grateful to Master for the chance to learn the exercises.

When I entered prison for the fifth time, I was in a completely different mindset. I prepared two sets of Dafa books—a total of 55 books. I told my daughter, “I want to make good use of the remaining ten months in prison to read all of the Dafa books and memorize  Zhuan Falun.” I thought, "Someone like me can obtain the Fa and cultivate, but if I can’t even memorize Zhuan Falun, how could I qualify as a Fa-rectification Dafa disciple?" When I got tired from studying Master’s articles, I memorized Zhuan Falun. My thoughts were fully immersed in Dafa, and I felt truly tranquil. Those ten months passed quickly. Many inmates joined me in practicing Falun Dafa, including those who practiced Buddhism. The dormitory I lived in became known as “The Falun Dafa Room.” Whoever was interested in practicing moved in with me. This went on until I was released. 

Clarifying the Truth at Popular Tourist Sites

From the day I obtained the Fa to the day I left prison, 13 months and two days passed. In those 400 days, I read all of Master's writings ten times. I also memorized  Zhuan Falun. I became a whole new person—I was full of confidence, and my mental and physical condition had never been better.

Master asked us to do the three things well: study the Fa and do the exercises, send righteous thoughts, and clarify the truth. I was most anxious about not doing truth-clarification. I left prison on January 21, 2005. By February, I began going to the Ali-shan tourist attraction to clarify the truth even though I had no idea how to do it. A fellow practitioner learned that I was a carpenter and told me that my skill was needed. I was surprised and said, “There are Dafa projects that need carpenters?” I had vowed never to work as a carpenter again because the job couldn’t support my family. An income of less than 300,000 Taiwanese dollars per month could not even support my own extravagant lifestyle and what I spent on drugs, not to mention providing for my family.

I began putting my carpentry skills to use. Although I was involved in Dafa work, I still didn’t get the chance to clarify the truth to people face-to-face. When the project in Dajia was done, I went with practitioners to Hong Kong to clarify the truth. I felt that I didn’t do well, however, because I wasn't sure what to say. I decided to go back to Ali-shan.

I have been going to Ali-shan to clarify the truth since 2008. I also believe that I have the duty and responsibility to safeguard this truth-clarification site. Practitioners who go there come from all over and have different understandings. I wanted to organize everyone to do the three things regularly. Some practitioners felt that I was bossy—they still saw me as the man I was back in prison and felt that I was used to being the boss. I was reluctant to explain myself because it’s pointless to argue about who’s right and who’s wrong.

Facing these conflicts, I decided to maintain righteous thoughts. The solid foundation of Fa-study during my time in prison motivated me to organize everyone to study the Fa. Every day, we read two lectures plus Master's teachings given in different regions. I always encourage new practitioners to study the Fa teachings given in different regions so as to better understand Dafa disciples’ missions to validate the Fa and save sentient beings.

In the early years of 2008 and 2009, most of the Chinese tourists who visited Ali-shan were seriously brainwashed by the Chinese Communist Party's media. They were very hostile and refused to accept our materials. No matter what they said, I kept talking to them, hoping that they would seize this precious opportunity while they were in Taiwan to learn about Falun Dafa. I realized that, to be effective, I had to enrich my knowledge of the truth and speak to them based on my understanding of the Fa.

Many attachments and stray thoughts emerge in the process, and we have to try to eliminate them. When our attachments and stray thoughts are removed and we have met the standard of the Fa, then the power of the Fa manifests itself.

Promoting Shen Yun

Although I have mainly gone to Ali-shan to talk to Chinese tourists, I have also helped promote Shen Yun in Taichung and Changhua to my acquaintances. Fellow practitioners would first buy tickets. I would take the tickets with me and go out to promote Shen Yun. When I sold the tickets, I would return the money to practitioners. I usually sold about fifty to sixty tickets a year.

We also held banquets to promote Shen Yun. When I invited people, I spoke directly without any preconceived notions. Once one has notions, one cannot speak confidently. I told the VIPs, “I'm inviting you to learn about the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra. You can buy tickets if you are interested.”

Our coordinator planned to hold a large banquet in our region. Many practitioners thought it would be too difficult. Some practitioners and I began promoting the banquet, and others later helped. The day of the banquet, council members, representatives, school principals, and village heads attended. It also encouraged practitioners to help promote Shen Yun in Chiayi. Even the practitioners who didn’t have faith at the beginning were amazed! It was as if every person was waiting for our invitation and gladly accepted. They were happy to attend the banquet. Master has already laid the groundwork, and all we have to do is carry it out.

Unwavering Faith in Dafa

My understanding of Dafa at my current level is that I do things according to my understandings of Master’s teachings. When I have met the standards of the Fa—which is to let go of human attachments and focus on saving people, my cultivation level is raised. This is enlightenment. Only then can we truly understand Master’s teachings.

It is just as Master said in  Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference in Australia:

“Yet the Fa’s inner meaning is not at the surface. When you are clear on that sentence’s other and higher interpretations, that is the Fa-principles’ inner meaning being manifested and the Fa revealing itself.”

I learned from Master’s teachings that cultivation is a very serious matter. My personal understanding is that we should meet the criteria of the Fa. Our own thinking and notions should be eliminated. We need to study the Fa, do the exercises, send righteous thoughts, and validate the Fa. Any conflicts among practitioners is external interference.

When we study the Fa, our thoughts must be focused. We should absorb each and every word. Then we can enter a state of stillness, and nothing can distract us.

It has been over 16 years since I obtained the Fa. I have unwavering faith in Master. I never worry about whether I can reach Consummation because I don’t doubt Master or Dafa. My only worry is whether I can meet the criteria that Master has set for us to save sentient beings. These are not just words but actual experiences and realizations I've had from studying the Fa. I can feel from deep down that the Fa is working to transform my body! I have absolute reverence for Dafa!

I would like to conclude by quoting Master's poem, “Self-Evident is the Heart” from  Hong Yin Volume II:

Fa brings salvation to all,    ‘tis Master guiding the wayOne sail is hoisted,    one hundred million followLight are the boats, quick the travel    with attachments cast asideBut the ocean proves hard to cross    if human thoughts weigh one downSuddenly wind and clouds change,    and the sky threatens collapseMountainous waves churn the sea,    fierce waves billowBe resolute cultivating Dafa,    follow Master closelyShould attachments be too heavy,    bearings will be lostAs boats capsize and sails tear,    some flee for their livesWhen the silt is washed clean,    ‘tis gold that shines forth Big talk counts for naught    in matters of life and death,Your capacity to act    gives the true pictureWhen one day the time of    Consummation arrives,The truth will bear itself in full,    astonishing the earth

Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners.

(Presented at the 2019 Taiwan Fa Conference)