(Minghui.org) In 2017, I began coordinating for the Shen Yun performances in Hsinchu. Master arranged numerous xinxing tests to enable my “Remaking divine bodies, attaining righteous fruition, returning to heavens.” (“This Is The Truth,” Hong Yin IV)

I had a dream in which I saw several Shen Yun artists dressed in fairy costumes accompanying Master. One of them asked Master to write a few words. Master handed me a sheet of paper filled with closely-written characters. The only two words I could read were “striving forward.” I felt that “striving forward” was what Master wanted me to do.

Shortly afterward, I read Master's teaching, “How wonderful! Strive forward with every effort until Consummation.” (“Enlightenment,” Essentials for Further Advancement)

I understood that Master was reminding me of my great responsibility as a coordinator, who should strive forward!

Looking Inward Unconditionally

I've always been a serious person and I speak bluntly. Other practitioners felt it was difficult to work with me. It bothered me, and I frequently told them, “Please tell me how to express myself so I can avoid causing conflicts.” Master may have seen that I sincerely wished to improve and thus arranged practitioners and everyday people to point out my shortcomings.

During the 2018 Shen Yun promotion season, a fellow practitioner visited me. She repeated some things other practitioners had said about me, which were mostly negative. This really bothered me. As I listened to her, in my heart I asked Master to help me resolve the conflict. I was determined to look inward unconditionally! When I began to examine myself, I found I had many attachments. I was saddened to realize that I had made many mistakes.

We talked for three hours. I thanked Master for sending her to help me. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank her and the other practitioners for pointing out where I needed to improve. I knew how difficult it was for her to approach me.

Remembering to Be Humble

I asked a professor who had seen Shen Yun for suggestions on how to promote the show. He suggested that I shouldn’t eagerly pursue success. Instead of being self-righteous, he said that I should be humble. I was surprised that Master used an everyday person to tell me how to improve.

After my brother saw Shen Yun, he said it was a must-see performance. He understood the truth about Falun Dafa and the persecution in China. But I felt it was not enough and urged him to see Shen Yun several times. He told me sternly, “Don’t try to force people. If you want acceptance, you have to listen. You have to listen to what others have to say even if they don't accept your viewpoint.” I immediately explained that I was acting in his best interest, yet he interrupted me whenever I spoke. He said harshly, “I don’t want to listen to you. Look at the way you act. You disrespect me. You have to be very broad-minded so that what you say will be accepted!”

He angrily pointed at me, and my mother also scolded me. I felt wronged and nearly wept. I begged Master in my heart to make them stop. When I looked at them, it suddenly seemed as though they were acting. I realized that Master was trying to tell me something through my brother!

For years, I forced them to listen to me. I also looked down on them. I told Master from the bottom of my heart, “Master, I’m sorry. I was wrong, and I will truly rectify myself.” I tried to smile as I continued listening to my brother criticize me. After half an hour, he finally stopped. When he left, he warmly said good-bye as if nothing had happened.

Reflecting on my brother's words, I felt ashamed of my attachments to competitiveness and looking down on others. I realized that I needed to respect other people's viewpoints in order to save them.

I had several similar experiences, and each one was like a heavy hammer. I felt that perhaps only through excruciating tribulations could I truly rectify myself.

After the Shen Yun promotion season ended, I dreamed that I was on stage dancing with the Shen Yun artists. I had been tempered many times and finally understood that I should be humble.

Coordinating Smoothly with Others

This year, many amazing things happened while we promoted the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra. I felt it was Master’s encouragement.

Hsinchu has many high-end communities filled with upscale restaurants and shops. We hadn’t visited them for years because few practitioners lived nearby. Practitioners from Taoyuan came to help us four times. Practitioners from Hsinchu planned the routes, which included upscale communities, boutiques, and restaurants. With Taoyuan and Hsinchu practitioners’ help, many restaurant and shop owners happily put up our posters, and we also met some music lovers.

I saw a beautiful, huge rainbow at the exercise site the day Taoyuan practitioners came to put up posters. A practitioner at another site also saw it. We felt it was Master’s encouragement because we had opened the door to high-end communities.

However, even though it seemed we were off to a good start, we barely sold any tickets.

The practitioner responsible for printing the promotional literature asked me, “Why have so few practitioners picked up brochures and posters to distribute?” I was surprised. When I asked what had happened, some practitioners said that I was insensitive to practitioners’ cultivation states. Some said that they didn’t have an ear for music and so they couldn’t introduce the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra to relatives and friends. Others felt that promotional booths served no purpose. I was under pressure, thinking that I had failed to carry out my responsibilities and that I was not fit to be a coordinator.

A regional meeting to promote the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra was held at the end of August. Only a few practitioners from Hsinchu attended, which increased my negative thoughts. When I spoke, I couldn’t help but weep because I had failed to encourage practitioners to participate and so our ticket sales were slow. Several practitioners encouraged me to remain confident and assured me that we'd have a sold-out performance.

They suggested that I meet with our promotional team in person to resolve any misunderstandings. Only then did I realize that I shouldn’t have been interfered with by negative thoughts, that I needed to communicate more with fellow practitioners.

During a meeting at the start of September, we watched a video of a Shen Yun dancer. She said, “When we see that someone has improved, everyone is happy for her. It’s like seeing one’s own improvements because our hearts are always together.” We were touched. We knew we had to form a unified, supportive body like the artists did.

The other practitioners talked about their cultivation experiences and encouraged me. One practitioner expressed his doubts about setting up booths in high-end communities. He later had favorable results at the booth talking directly to people in higher-end society. Many music lovers came to listen to the music. Some listened repeatedly and praised the pureness of Shen Yun's music and the musicians’ superb skills. Some even bought tickets at the booth!

Some practitioners said they didn’t know how to sell tickets, so I asked a practitioner to bring our best audio equipment to Fa-study sites so practitioners could listen to Shen Yun's music. Practitioners praised the music and said they felt a powerful energy. I told them to show people how wonderful Shen Yun's music is by playing it on a tablet computer or on their cell phones. After listening to the music, practitioners collected brochures and were ready to promote the orchestra concert. Some said that it was easier than they thought.

After talking with practitioners a few times, I could tell my dimensional field was getting purer and the gaps among practitioners were being eliminated. Amazingly, within six weeks we sold 30% of the tickets.

Our Righteous Thoughts Made All the Difference

When sales stagnated during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, I wondered if we had overlooked anything.

Over the years, we met people who had misunderstandings about Dafa. Some were afraid of angering the communist regime. We gave them truth-clarification materials and news articles or talked to them, hoping to save them. I realized that we must deny the old forces’ interference and send righteous thoughts more.

I recalled a Minghui article written by a practitioner from Alaska. The Shen Yun company had scheduled three performances in two days. Later, an additional performance was added. She was the only practitioner in her area. Practitioners from other states asked, “Do you wish for full houses even though you've never been a coordinator?” She replied, “Of course.” They all sent strong righteous thoughts, and in the end all the performances had packed houses.

Shen Yun’s symphony saves people and can’t be impeded by the old forces. Some people may not understand Dafa, but many others have positive attitudes. We have to send righteous thoughts to break through any interference, and we have to believe in Master. I had the thought that there would be a full house in Hsinchu and that people would be chasing after tickets!

The day after the Mid-Autumn Festival, I shared the article written by the Alaskan practitioner. I asked everyone to send a righteous thought: “A full house in Hsinchu. Tickets are in high demand.”

Master said,

“For years I have been continually saying that Dafa disciples’ abilities are tremendous, yet many people don’t believe this since those abilities were not allowed to be seen. Under the effect of righteous thoughts, everything around you, as well as you yourself, will undergo changes. Yet you have never thought to give it a try.” (“20th Anniversary Fa Teaching,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. XI)

Master will pave the way for us as long as we steadfastly send out righteous thoughts and do what we're supposed to do. Everything is done by Master. Every presentation, exhibition booth, email, poster, and brochure is effective with Master’s help.

When all practitioners increased their efforts and sent righteous thoughts, a miracle happened. Two weeks after the Mid-Autumn Festival, 30% of the tickets were sold. A week before the performance, 97% were sold.

On the day of the performance, people waited in long lines at the ticket counter, hoping to buy tickets. We were so moved that the tickets were in such high demand!


I still have many shortcomings as a local Shen Yun coordinator. If Master hadn’t given me opportunities for improvement and if fellow practitioners hadn’t supported and tolerated me, the promotion wouldn’t have gone well. Master said,

“There are many things that you are not too clear on. The process of gaining clarity must not drag on too long.” (“Be More Diligent,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. X)

I hope that I can elevate more quickly to meet Master’s standard! Please kindly point out if the above sharing is not in accordance with the Fa.

Thank you, Master. Thank you, fellow practitioners.

(Presented at the 2019 Taiwan Fa Conference)