(Minghui.org) As a Falun Dafa practitioner during this special period of time, we know that we must bear the responsibility and fulfill our mission to help Master rectify the Fa, save people, and follow the path He has arranged for us. 

Finding Predestined People

Before I go out to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa, I ask Master to reinforce me and to bring people who have a predestined relationship with Dafa to me, as well as to help me maintain righteous thoughts.

The first words you say to someone are a very important part of conveying the facts to them, and it is a skill that can be honed. To establish a rapport with the other person, say a few things to generate a good impression and let them see that you are trustworthy.

I saw a man in his 60s out walking early one morning and thought he looked like a government official, so I sent out thoughts like these in his direction: “Clear all the evil factors that interfere with him, send ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good’ to his main consciousness, and let him hear the truth about Dafa.” 

I greeted him, told him that I was 71, and asked if I could call him “Younger Brother.” He immediately smiled and said, “I don't mind. I am 65 years old, but you don't look like 71. You don’t look a day over 60.” I said, “Thank you for the compliment. I think you are a knowledgeable person so I'll give you a book I believe you can understand.”

I handed him a copy of the Nine Commentaries of the Communist Party and said, “We have lived under the rule of the Communist Party for more than half of our lives and still don't know what it is. You will understand it after reading this book.” 

He took the book, thought for a moment, and said, “I have been a CCP branch secretary for 37 years. I know that the CCP is getting worse by the day. It is completely evil now. It is shameful to follow it. I don't tell anyone that I am a CCP member because I feel embarrassed and know that the CCP is a symbol of evil. I just met you today, but I’ve told you what I truly think. I feel relieved.” 

I asked him to quit the CCP and its youth organizations to secure a safe and peaceful future. I also suggested that he sincerely recite 'Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good' and he would have a bright future. He thanked me and let me use his real name to quit the CCP.

I told him to read the book carefully at home and to share the contents with his relatives and friends so that they could understand and quit the CCP, too. They would also be rewarded with a bright future. 

Talking to Religious Believers

I’ve also run into religious believers. I tell them, “You believe in Christ or Buddha, so you believe in divine beings. Did you know that, as a Party member, the sign of the beast is printed on your forehead? That mark is evil. Faith in Christ or Buddha is compassion. Your faith is exactly the opposite of that mark, which is a sign of atheism. If you erase the mark today, the Divine Ones will protect you.”

I then read one of Master's poems to them: 

“Do you know why I tell you the truth?It's not to have you become like meMuch less do I intend to change your faithI just want you to see through Satan's deceitful trickeryBecause of compassion, I can't stand to see youSuffer the same fate as the Red BeastHeaven wants to destroy the Red BeastThe Divine calls me to save those who dwell here”(“Compassion,” Hong Yin III

I tell them, “Keep whatever faith you follow. I am not trying to change your beliefs, I’m just telling you the truth so that you will erase the animal print and the Divine can accept you as a true believer.” Most of them quit their CCP memberships. 

If someone asks me if I am a Falun Dafa practitioner, I reply, “Falun Dafa is a high-level Buddha Law. As morality has declined, only the Master of Falun Dafa tells his students to speak the truth and awaken people.” The majority of the people I’ve spoken to have withdrawn from the CCP using their real names.

A handful of people have said offensive things to me, but I was not moved. I would send powerful righteous thoughts to disintegrate and clear away the evil factors controlling them. I would look within to find what attachment I still had, eliminate it to improve my cultivation, and not let those people commit crimes against Dafa or practitioners. 

Eliminating Sentimentality

My son loves to travel and has been all over China. He usually takes a long-distance trip twice a year and also visits many places nearby. Every time he made travel plans, he would try to persuade me to go with him, but I always politely declined.

Last October, my son and daughter-in-law came for a visit. They flew the whole family to Sanya City for the New Year festival. My son said with a sad face, “My wish has never come true. Whenever I saw beautiful scenery while I was traveling, I always felt bad and thought how wonderful it would be if my mother could be with me, that I had to try my best to bring her with me next time. But I am disappointed again and again." 

I didn't rush to decline his offer this time. I said I'd think about it. After they went home, I looked inward to find the attachment that caused this. I asked Master to reinforce my will so that I could pass the test of sentimentality for family.

I knew that my son understood Dafa and is very sincere and respectful to Master and Dafa. He helps fellow practitioners in any way he can. Why did he insist on asking me to travel with him, which interferes with what I should be doing? I studied the Fa and looked within.

The next day, he came to see me again. When he mentioned travel plans, I said, “As a Dafa disciple, I help Master rectify the Fa. My time is to be used to save people by telling them the truth, not to go sightseeing.” 

I read the following to him:

“It’s not only Dafa disciples who signed a vow with Master when they came to this world: all of the people who’ve come to this world, all lives, all of the gods who came down from above, made a vow with me. The cosmos is simply massive and the number of lives just enormous, while the earth is tiny and not able to accommodate too many of them. Those who were selected all vowed to help me with Fa-rectification and saving all beings, and it was on these grounds that they were allowed to incarnate on this earth. It’s just that I had already, in the past, made arrangements for Dafa disciples to come and specifically do those things. But each of them does have a responsibility in helping to spread the Fa and passing it on to others. So that’s the situation with ordinary people.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2016 New York Fa Conference,” Team yellow translation) 

I said, “We all signed up with Master before we came to this world. If we were to break that contract, that would be very serious. Is this a trivial matter?” He replied, “Is it that serious?” I said, “I enlightened that Master’s words are the Fa. We do whatever the Fa requires. It’s not a joke. We must take it seriously. Only doing things according to Master’s Fa is correct.”

My son seemed to understand. Since this conversation, he no longer talks about having me travel with him. I know this is the power of Dafa. The Fa is really great.