(Minghui.org) On August 8, 2004, I developed concerning respiratory problems. I began to feel breathless as a result of severe coughing and was unable to lie down. A doctor at the Jingyue Hospital in Changchun prescribed a seven-day course of antibiotics. However the injections did nothing to improve my symptoms, which became worse over the next few days. I found myself abruptly waking up multiple times each night due to persistent breathlessness and coughing.

I returned to the hospital. On hearing my story, the doctor took an x-ray of my lungs. The x-ray revealed a 3.3 x 3.5 cm tumor in my left lung, almost the size of a ping pong ball, and he advised me to go to the larger Jilin University China-Japan Union Hospital for more detailed scans. The doctor could not determine if the tumor was benign or malignant. I walked out of the hospital in a daze, sat on the edge of a flower bed, and cried.

The next day, my husband and I went to the hospital for the CT scan as instructed. My husband’s devastated expression after he was called in to retrieve my CT scan only served to confirm my worst fears. On a slim thread of hope, we further consulted two other specialist hospitals. We spent a total of 2,000 yuan on three separate CT scans, only to have the diagnosis of lung cancer confirmed beyond doubt.

I underwent a month of treatment at the Jilin University China-Japan Union Hospital. Doctors administered two chemotherapy sessions and surgically removed the tumor. My hair fell out completely after the first chemotherapy session, while my scalp became so painful I was left in tears. My medical fees soared to more than 26,000 yuan. My husband could not support my continued treatment on his 30,000-yuan salary and I requested to be discharged from the hospital.

I then transferred to the Jilin Chemical Industry Hospital, relying on my two elder sisters’ 30,000 yuan in savings to cover my medical expenses. I underwent a total of five chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions. By then, the cancer had spread over a larger area of my lungs, causing breathing difficulties. It subsequently spread and impaired my ability to turn my neck.

I was then transferred to the hospital’s Cancer Unit. After completing my fourth course of chemotherapy, the senior specialist told my family, “She suffers from small cell undifferentiated carcinoma. Out of a thousand patients, only a few will have this cancer. Moreover, cancer cells in 99% of such patients easily metastasize as the cancer is more aggressive. Treatment is typically futile, causes more suffering to the dying patient, and can bankrupt a family.” On hearing the specialist’s advice not to continue treatment any further, my family burst into tears.

In December 2004, I decided to stop all treatment at the hospital in Changchun and returned to my hometown to stay with one of my sisters. My family home had been sold in order to fund my medical fees. By the time I was discharged, my family had only 1,300 yuan left in savings.

One month previously, my other sister attended a wedding and ran into a former classmate of mine. Now a Falun Dafa practitioner, this classmate told my sister, “Tell her to silently recite the phrase, ‘Falun Dafa is good.’” I followed her instructions and found my symptoms much improved.

During a social visit, my sister’s neighbor also mentioned, “Our 89-year-old neighbor practiced Falun Dafa and is in perfect health. She’s never fallen sick and can still eat ten sticky bean buns in one go.” On hearing her words, I eagerly asked for the location of the practice site before begging my sister to take me there.

We visited a Falun Dafa practitioner’s home that same evening and found a group of practitioners in the midst of performing the exercises. I was mesmerized by the beautiful exercise music, which sounded like a melody from heaven. Practitioners told me that Dafa could cleanse my body, but they advised me not to practice Dafa with the sole motive of curing my illness.

We returned home very late that night, but my steps were full of energy and my body was light. I told my sister, “I have to practice Falun Dafa.” The next day, I visited the practitioner’s home and asked her to tell me more about Dafa. I remember her words, “Let go of your attachments and you will be cured. Dafa can create miracles.”

Two days later, she gave me a copy of Zhuan Falun, the main book of Dafa. That New Year’s Eve night, I read till two in the morning, unable to stop myself. I continued to read over the next two days, finally finishing the book on the third night. The morning after, I felt well enough to leave my bed and wash my face. Previously, my sister had been bringing the washbasin to my bedside.

My sister was amazed, “The sun must have risen from the west! You look so much better!” I hugged her excitedly, “I feel good! Falun Dafa’s Master has saved me!” My cancer disappeared after I finished reading Zhuan Falun and has never returned.

A few nights later, I was sleeping with my niece in her room when she saw a glowing red ball, as big as a goose egg, rotating above my body. Scared, she ran off to find my sister. The rest of the family crept over, opened my bedroom door, and peeked inside. The next morning, my sister told me what they had seen. I dropped the washbasin in shock before hugging her. “I won’t die. Master [Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa] has accepted me under his wing and is cleansing my body. That object you saw yesterday is the Falun!”

I was so elated! Instantly I put on makeup, put on the wig my family had bought, and headed out to see my mother. Fearful for her health, we never told her the extent of my illness. That day, full of energy and in high spirits, I told my mother. “My illness is cured. Falun Dafa’s master saved me.” My mother was overjoyed, and my brothers and sister-in-laws cried in gratitude.

News of my miraculous recovery spread quickly. Soon everyone in the village knew that my cancer was cured by Dafa, and many came to learn the practice.

On the tenth day of the first lunar month, Master started to cleanse my body. That morning, I was unable to get out of bed and felt nauseous. My symptoms worsened on the 12th. My eyes became so swollen I could barely open them. My body hurt everywhere and I kept throwing up. My family sought help from the local doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. He told my family, “Her pulse is weak and her pupils seem unfocused.” My sister and her family began to cry in grief, while I insisted that I was fine. I told them that I was under the care of Master Li Hongzhi and my body was undergoing purification.

I studied Dafa teachings and did the exercises diligently throughout the five days I was bedridden. By the sixth day, on the 15th day of the first lunar month—the Lantern Festival, I had fully recovered. My sister was surprised to see me. I told her that my illness had been completely removed and that I was now fine.

My husband returned home soon after and could hardly believe his eyes. He closely observed me before pronouncing in disbelief that I appeared to have recovered. I told him my recovery was due to practicing Dafa. With my happy family’s endorsement, I started participating in our village’s group study sessions.

A month after I first started learning Falun Dafa, police officers came to our home one morning and took me to the police station. The deputy station director slammed the table before me and shouted, “Where did this book come from? Where did you get these web pages from?” I told him I had picked them up from the roadside. He hurled the book at me and said, “You’re lying!” When I denied it, he scolded, “You are lucky to be a woman. If you were a man, I would have done my best to make life miserable for you.” His words ignited my anger, and I immediately shouted back, “What am I guilty of?! On what grounds are you arresting me?” My defiance shocked him, and he quickly left the interrogation room.

I was taken to the local police department that same afternoon, where officers said they planned to detain me for half a month. I was fearless and told them about my experience with Dafa and how it cured my illness. My anxious family also rushed down to Jilin City with my medical records. After reviewing my medical history, the authorities verified my story and allowed me to leave at seven o'clock that same evening.

In July 2005, I decided to visit the doctors at my old hospital in order to tell them about Dafa. I bought some fruit and went to the Jilin Chemical Industry Hospital’s Cancer Unit in the afternoon. As soon as I entered the department door, the medical staff leapt to their feet in shock. Everyone wanted to know what medicine I had taken. I told them, “I learned Falun Dafa.”

I described my healing experience to the amazed doctors. Having seen with their own eyes my previously terminal condition, the medical staff were impressed. The senior specialist personally sent me off and told me, “It does not matter what practice you learn as long as you are well. Your recovery is a miracle. I wish you well.”

I have practiced Falun Dafa for fifteen years now, and my health is as good as ever. My family’s fortunes also improved, and we saved enough to buy a house in the city. I now cultivate diligently along with fellow practitioners and with open support and encouragement from my family.