(Minghui.org) “I am blessed and very thankful!” That is what Yang-zi, my wife’s best friend, would say whenever her husband’s past affair comes up in a conversation.

Yang-zi’s husband is tall and handsome. After they got married, they went to study abroad in Japan. They invested in real estate when they came back to China and now enjoy a comfortable retirement. Their son is also doing well financially in Japan.

A year ago, Yang-zi was at her lowest point. Her husband was having an affair and told her she “should die soon.” Yang-zi was close to breaking down. She blamed her husband for destroying their happy family, and was consumed by hatred and even thought of killing him.

All of her friends and colleagues suggested that she get a divorce. My wife talked to her every day, and was worried that her friend would have a mental breakdown.

Yang-zi hired a lawyer who advised her to start collecting evidence to use against her husband. She began to follow him like a stalker. She soon found out where his mistress lived, took photos of them together, recorded their conversations, and checked her husband's text messages.

She once put a couple of sleeping pills in her husband's drink to make him fall asleep. She then found the key to his mistress’s apartment and went there. She was shocked to find that the apartment was decorated exactly the same as her home. She also found her jewelry that she thought she had lost.

Yang-zi became so angry that she raced home, grabbed a kitchen knife and jumped on top of her sleeping husband. At that instant, her husband opened his eyes and asked, “What happened?” Yang-zi instinctively hid the knife behind her and left the room.

My wife told me about what had happened that night. I told her, “Yang-zi is not going to kill her husband. Divine beings are watching over her and know all her thoughts. Yang-zi and her husband have both withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) several years ago. They will get through this together.”

“Falun Gong practitioners get divorced too, but those divorces were due to the persecution by the Chinese regime. Becoming husband and wife are predestined relationships. There is always a reason for what couples have to go through. Yang-zi’s husband needs a chance to set things right, so let's find a way to help their family. Tell Yang-zi to often recite, ‘Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!’ Celestial beings will help her find happiness again.”

My wife met up with Yang-zi after talking to me. She told her friend that reciting “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” will bring her family blessings. She wished Yang-zi and her family would be able to overcome this difficult time.

Yang-zi sighed, “I believe you. I only wished my husband had a spiritual belief like your husband.”

I also recorded New Tang Dynasty TV programs about cultivation stories, Chinese legends, and mythology that helped enlighten viewers to strive toward a higher moral standard. Traditional Chinese culture views lust as the worse of all evil. Throughout Chinese history, there were countless stories that warned of retribution due to an attachment to lust. Some of those stories were included in the recording I made.

I asked my wife to give the recordings to Yang-zi. She and her husband then watched each one of the programs.

I said to my wife one day, “There are many hardships in life. A husband and wife must overcome them as a team. Many divorces were caused by each side not wanting to give in to small matters. Please tell Yang-zi to treasure her marriage and have more forbearance before her husband sinks deeper.”

My wife soon received a message from Yang-zi: she and her husband had worked out their marriage. Her husband commented that a “wise man” had helped them, and he promised to take good care of Yang-zi.

Yang-zi often tells my wife, “I am blessed! Your friendship is priceless to me. You and your husband have helped so many people.” My wife replied, “You are blessed by Master Li. It is He who saved you!”