(Minghui.org) My son became so addicted to surfing the Internet when he was in middle school. He would go to Internet cafes immediately after school, and sometimes stay there all night. He eventually stopped studying the Fa and doing the exercises.

As his addiction worsened, he skipped meals, and stopped talking to people. He would play Internet games late into the night, and sleep until the afternoon of the next day. He had zero interest in life, except to play games, or be on his cellphone. Whenever I asked him to do anything, he needed to finish playing his game first.

No matter how hard I tried, he didn’t change. It seemed as though he would never be able to leave his cell phone alone. My husband and I were at our wit’s end. My son used to be a kind and reasonable child, but changed to someone unrecognizable and unreasonable after becoming addicted to the Internet and his cell phone.

I got easily upset when things didn’t go my way. I had all kinds of attachments such as resentment, jealousy, and comfort, that were difficult to get rid of. Luckily, I still had Dafa that helped resolve conflicts that came up. Yet, I couldn’t maintain my xinxing when faced with these conflicts, as I didn’t truly let go of my attachments. I became worried about my cultivation state.

I later read an article in the Minghui Weekly that helped me realize that many practitioners improved themselves through intensive Fa-study. I began to seize my time to study, memorize, recite, and write down the Fa. I was able to gradually let go of many attachments. I realized that the more Fa principles that were in my mind, the less attachments I had. As a result, I could easily remain calm and my environment also improved.

I used to be anxious when talking to my son. Once I changed, I had little to say to him and only felt sad for him, because he was terribly controlled by his addiction to the Internet. This was also because I didn’t do well in educating him to become a good person. I felt like I had committed a huge crime.

As I improved, the people around me seemed to be kind and wonderful. I realized that it was the negative substances in myself, and the fact that I couldn’t let go of my attachments that had negatively impacted the people around me in the past.

My Son Changes

One time, when my son came home, I noticed his positive changes: he spent less time on his cell phone, and he had more self-control than before. I asked for Master’s help to eliminate his addiction to his cell phone.

When I saw him playing games again one night, I became very upset and criticized him. He replied, “You know what? I’ll stay up all night [to play].” I immediately realized I was wrong. I was moved, and said something I shouldn’t have. I then went to another room to send forth righteous thoughts for almost an hour.

Afterwards, I asked my husband to check up on him. My husband said he was already in bed. In the past, my son would not sleep at all when he was upset with me.

From then on, my son completely stopped playing computer games. I knew without Master’s help, this would have been impossible.

I encouraged him to study the Fa again. Although he isn’t a practitioner yet, he has changed a lot for the better. He has also started looking for things to do instead of being idle. He no longer stays up or sleeps in late like he used to.

As a saying goes, “There’s really nothing to worry about in this world. Only a foolish person would be bothered.” Anything that moved me was rooted in myself, for I didn’t live up to a practitioner’s standard. Master has given us this wonderful Dafa, so I should calm my mind to study and treasure it, as well as walk my cultivation path righteously.