(Minghui.org) Master Li reminds us to always look within when something unpleasant happens. There must be a reason why it happened. I finally have an understanding of what improving my character means.

The law of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is immutable. Gods have been guarding this law, so no one dares to break it. We also have Master looking after us. So we need to look within and improve ourselves based on the Fa whenever we encounter trouble, symptoms of sickness karma, or persecution.

Uncovering My Selfishness

Although I have cultivated for 20 years, I didn’t really understand the principle of sincerely cultivating from the heart. My cultivation was superficial as I only practiced Dafa to become a good person. I didn’t know how to truly improve myself from within.

That changed, however, when I had to take care of my mother-in-law at the hospital. She has several sons and daughters-in-law, but only one of her sons and I took turns taking care of her. I did everything from bathing, to feeding her, and helping her use the restroom. The other patients thought I was her daughter.

One night, she was extremely ill, so I didn’t get a chance to sleep. I could only take a break in the early morning. I was frustrated, exhausted and full of complaints. I looked forward to when my brother-in-law would take his shift. At that moment, the “Cardiovascular Department” sign in front of me lit up. Why did it look so bright this time? I then remembered to look inward.

My complaints, jealousy, and other attachments made me feel uncomfortable. The root of these attachments were selfishness. I seemed to be cultivating and treating my mother-in-law well superficially, but I still differentiated her from my mother in my heart and mind. I didn’t treat her like my own mother.

Making a Breakthrough

I never complained when my own mother was sick in the hospital. Why did I get so agitated in this situation? I felt ashamed and regretted that I wasn’t more considerate. No wonder she often sighed and looked sad.

As I looked within to find my attachments, I could feel more compassion towards my mother-in-law. She looked so helpless when she was ill. I then understood that taking care of her was my way of paying off the karmic debt I owed her. I stopped complaining. I decided that I would treat her as my own mother.

Immediately, all of the exhaustion I felt disappeared. I felt so relaxed, wonderful and pure. My mindset had changed!

I then went back to the room and asked her how she felt or if she needed water. She said she felt better. To my surprise, she reminded me of my own mother, “Please take a break. You didn’t sleep all night.”