(Minghui.org) Some things may look hard, but once you try and overcome them, you will find that the clouds will part to reveal a sunny sky.

Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong, said,

“When it’s difficult to endure, you can endure it. When it’s impossible to do, you can do it.” (People with Great Inborn Quality, Lecture Nine, Zhuan Falun)

I am a young Dafa disciple. I would like to share my cultivation experience with those young practitioners who have concerns like mine.

Conflict Over Uninstalling WeChat

I used WeChat extensively to communicate with co-workers in my office and teachers at my child's kindergarten. When the Minghui website issued a warning on the use of WeChat, I had some concerns. I worried that removing WeChat might affect my job and my connection with the school. I was also hesitant to drop it for fear of a conflict with my husband, which would be worse since he was already not supportive of my practicing Falun Dafa.

I had joined a few group chats and blogs on WeChat before Minghui issued the warning. I enjoyed them and paid attention to new observations and opinions every day. One day, a blog was suddenly shut down. I was really worried about the safety of this practitioner who was in this group, and I realized that security issues when it came to WeChat was really a serious matter. Master has always emphasized the importance of safety. I finally listened and removed WeChat from my phone.

I explained to my relatives, friends, and co-workers what I had done in ordinary terms. They understood and did not think anything was wrong. But my husband was unhappy and tried everything he could think of to persuade me to get back on it. When I refused, he was very mad and frequently quarreled with me.

I tried to convince him that my job performance and ability to communicate with people would not be affected by not having WeChat, but it didn't help. He had been influenced by the slanderous Party propaganda and misunderstood Dafa. One day, he yelled at me in front of our child and said I was crazy.

A Matter of Cultivation

The conflict over WeChat eventually escalated into a cultivation problem. My husband connected my decision not to use WeChat to my belief. I then realized that I was not dealing with an everyday person, but an evil entity that had manipulated my husband.

My husband threatened me, saying that he would take our child away from me if I did not stop practicing. That very evening, even as my child screamed and kicked and tried to resist, my husband took him away. I felt as if I had been stabbed in the heart.

The next day, he gave me a written statement renouncing Dafa to sign. He would return the child if I agreed not to practice again. When I tore up the statement, he became irrational, threatened to send me to jail, and called the police. But I was calm and not afraid because I knew that Master would protect me. He hung up the phone in the middle of his conversation with the police.

That was when my mother-in-law, who'd come to see us from our hometown, arrived. We stopped arguing. I answered the door and greeted her as usual, like nothing had happened. My husband sat on the couch quietly. Before he left, he said angrily, “I will give you one day to think about it. If you do not give it up, I will turn you in to the police.” That night, he returned the child.

He told me to sign the agreement on the third day. Again, I refused.

I had endured family tribulations for more than a year after I started to practice, but this conflict was the worst. His behavior hurt me deeply, and from insult to injury, my feelings for him became less and less.

While I was in a very bad mood during that time, I looked inward for any shortcomings attributable to my husband's responses. I tried to adjust my mindset and become more considerate. I stopped feeling that he was being unfair and was kind to him and his family. I treated my mother-in-law nicely and chatted with her every day. I shared my bed with her and cleaned the sheets quietly when she wet the bed.

I had thought my mother-in-law was lazy and incompetent. I had disliked her and often criticized her in front of my husband.

My mother-in-law was very pleased with me. My husband also quietly recognized my kind attitude. Later, on my father-in-law's 70th birthday, he again saw how I behaved and realized I'd changed.

Slowly, the uproar caused by uninstalling WeChat died down. My husband now tells me whatever information about kindergarten that he gets on WeChat and our child's education has not been affected at all.

At work, the leaders and my colleagues are considerate of me. They notify me of anything on WeChat either in person or by phone. My work has not been affected.

I am not bothered by the news stream anymore. My mind is calmer. My husband's attitude toward my practicing has changed somewhat, even though he has not yet completely accepted it. I understand that the change in his attitude will be up to me. Only if I cultivate myself well will his attitude improve.

I would like to thank my fellow practitioners and my father, who have helped me and advised me at critical moments. I am extremely thankful for Master's great compassion, protection, arrangements, and hints.