(Minghui.org) Regular Chinatown visitors in London are likely to come across the Falun Gong booth, which is set up there every day, offering exercise instruction and information about the persecution of this meditation practice in China.

Rafael (left)  learns one of the Falun Gong exercises.

After having dinner in Chinatown on Saturday, a man named Rafael stopped at the practitioners' booth. He learned one of the Falun Gong exercises in which one holds the arms still in the air for several minutes.

“Fresh!” he exclaimed, after he finished. “I feel so good. How did this happen? I feel so refreshed!”

A Lithuanian young man who stopped at the booth to learn had a similar experience.

“I felt energy everywhere in my body. Very good,” he said, “The energy flow is very strong, like an electric current.”

A Lithuanian young man learns the exercises.

This young man is a fan of yoga, but he found Falun Gong special.

“It is hard to describe the feeling. It is amazing! You must experience it yourself.”

He added, “I do meditation every day. Today, my energy increased quite a lot. I will do the Falun Gong exercises again tomorrow.”

Besides the strong energy flow, he also experienced inner peace and tranquility while doing the exercises.

Learning that Falun Gong's core values are Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, the young man was even more impressed, saying, “All spiritual practices teach people morality, but Falun Gong's teaching is very high.”

He continued, “I believe that Falun Gong is the best system, which has been protected for hundreds or even thousands of years. It will exist forever.”

“I need this. You know, I have been traveling around the world with books and a computer. Falun Gong really gives me energy which cannot be found in those books.”

The young man was grateful to learn that he could download the teachings online for free and planned to get in touch with practitioners in Lithuania.

Visitors are reading Falun Gong materials and sign the petition to condemn the persecution.

Besides those who stop to learn the exercises, many more people are grateful to be informed about the persecution in China.

Morgan, a tourist from Melbourne, Australia, talked to practitioners for a long time. She often sees Falun Gong's peaceful protest in front of the Chinese consulate in Melbourne, and she has signed their petition.

She told London practitioners, “What you are doing is very important and very good. You let more people know about the persecution.”

She added, “Your message is very clear. It is easy for people to follow.”

Morgan believes that more and more Australians have seen the evil nature of the communist party.

“People have seen the threatening behavior of the communist party,” she said, “I hope more people will see it.”