(Minghui.org) I have been talking to people about Falun Dafa at a tourist site in Paris for nearly four years. I have experienced many precious encounters and wish to share some of them.

A Thumbs-Up

Despite the heavy snow, some practitioners and I were distributing Falun Dafa informational materials one day. Although our fingers were frozen, we wanted to tell tourists from China the truth about Dafa.

We noticed tourists getting off a bus and heading toward a restaurant. When some saw a few practitioners sitting in the lotus position doing the Falun Dafa meditation they shouted, “Oh wow, look! Falun Dafa practitioners are still sitting on the ground despite the heavy snow!”

“The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is afraid of them,” said one person. “They don't dare to oppose them openly. They send police officers in plainclothes to arrest them in secret. There are practitioners at my workplace. That's how I know.”

Another tourist chimed in and said, “We have seen them everywhere on this trip wherever we go.”

I told them, “That's true. People worldwide know that Falun Dafa is good and the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance that they follow is wonderful. Only the CCP persecutes Falun Dafa.”

They listened attentively when I talked about Dafa, the political movements, the persecution, and the nearly 80 million deaths that the CCP has on its conscience. I also made sure that they understood the importance of quitting the CCP, and a few elderly and young people smiled and agreed to quit.

I then gave them Dafa informational materials, and said, “If you go abroad, you can see what you can't see at home in China.” A few smiled at us, gave us a thumbs-up, and said, “Bravo, Falun Dafa!”

Diligently Distributing Falun Dafa Materials

A young couple stopped and asked me for some Dafa brochures. They wanted to take them back to China.

“What you told me about Falun Dafa,” she said, “It's different from what I learned from the textbooks at school, as it was all very negative. But what you said made me feel good about Dafa. I feel that it's a good cultivation system.”

I gave her some materials and software for breaking through the Internet blockade, so she could find good information reported outside of China.

“I suggest that you go online,” I said, “and download a precious book called Zhuan Falun that practitioners read every single day. This book has the answers to many of your questions. You will also come to understand why practitioners do not give up their faith, and why they tell people the facts about Dafa.”

Then six Chinese students stopped when they saw our banner that read, “Falun Dafa is wonderful.” One said, “Auntie, when I saw the Chinese characters on the banners, I felt a warm current pass through my body.”

Tour Guide Supports Dafa

A tour guide brought a group of people to the Eiffel Tower to take pictures. Then he shouted loudly that they would meet up at the Falun Dafa avenue. The tourists laughed, so he said, “Why are you laughing? It is true. Over there is the Falun Dafa avenue because of the way they placed their banners!”

I met up with this tour guide and he said that he knows that we have the well-being of these tourists in our hearts. He had quit the Party using a pseudonym some time ago.

“You brought so many people to us,” I said. “With so many people quitting the Party, you are accumulating virtue. Heaven is watching. You will have good fortune!”

“Virtue is exactly what I want,” the tour guide said.

Unmoved When Being Harassed

I was talking to some tourists one day when it was raining very hard. One tourist said,“You are still here under the pouring rain. How much do you get paid per day?”

A few others began to badmouth me. They pointed at me and said that I lost face for the Chinese people.

When confronted with this humiliation, I smiled and said, “We are volunteers and kind to our countrymen. We are not here to make any money, but to tell people about Falun Dafa and the persecution.”

Another person then said that he did not believe me. He claimed that no one would come out in the pouring rain unless they got paid well.

“Falun Dafa is the Buddha Fa cultivation,” I said. “We follow the principles of 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.' So practitioners must be strict with themselves. We have to reach a high moral standard, so we can clarify the facts to people, no matter the weather. We also learn to endure being humiliated, listening to sarcastic comments, and being cursed at by others.”

“Cultivation is hard,” I added. “We have to persist in doing what we have to do, and we will continue until the day we accomplish our missions. In China, despite the risk of being persecuted by the CCP and reported by local people who don’t know the truth, practitioners still talk to people about their faith and their reasons for not renouncing it.”

Before leaving a man said:“I feel sorry for those Chinese whose behavior lack decency. This is because they were indoctrinated by the CCP. What you have said truly makes sense! I want to quit the CCP and its youth organizations.

A young man in his 30s told me of an incident when he came across Dafa practitioners. He said, “The parents of a classmate and my parents met at the police station. I had knocked out the front tooth of my classmate and the police were discussing the medical expenses.

“The parent of that student said, ‘Since it already happened, please pay a bit more attention next time and don't let it happen again. I practice Falun Dafa. We are taught not to fight back when being beaten and not to curse back when being sworn at. We'll take care of the medical expenses ourselves.’

“We visited this family and brought them a gift that they did not accept. Through this, my mom and I, as well as our relatives and friends, came to know what Falun Dafa is all about. After the CCP began to persecute Falun Dafa, none of our family members changed their view toward this practice, and we are still very positive.”

He continued, “So, seeing how you faced these people's attacks while being sneered at, I feel proud for having Falun Dafa in China.”