(Minghui.org) The Minghui website published “What All Dafa Disciples Must Know” on June 30, 2018. It cautioned Dafa disciples to pay attention to safety and be alert to our surroundings, especially when we use mobile phones. To secure our cultivation environment, we should all stop using WeChat, QQ, and other mainland Chinese social media software, because they are used by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) government to spy on and monitor people.

After this announcement was published, however, some practitioners began to wonder how they would live and work without WeChat. Their reactions reminded me of what Teacher said,

“Killing can bring about enormous karma. One may wonder, 'We can’t kill a life, but I’m the cook at home.What will my family eat if I can’t take a life?' This specific issue does not concern me, as I am teaching the Fa to practitioners instead of casually telling everyday people how to live their lives. In terms of dealing with specific issues, you should judge things based on Dafa. You can do things however you think they should be done. Everyday people will do whatever they want to, and that is their business; it is not possible for everyone to truly cultivate. As a practitioner, however, one should follow a higher standard, so I am putting forward the requirements for practitioners here.” (Zhuan Falun)

This announcement focuses on security and what we should do to keep our environment safe. Our primary concern should not be how to make it convenient for our work and so we can enjoy life. We should not make it convenient for the CCP to spy on us! We must be responsible for our cultivation and our sentient beings.

Mainland China is different, and veteran Dafa cultivators there know the importance of security. They know how to properly arrange life and work with regard to paying attention to safety. If Dafa cultivators living outside China do not pay attention to things related to safety, it will create conditions and provide too much information for the CCP to monitor us whenever and wherever possible. We have no excuse not to take this matter seriously unless we do not care about our responsibilities and tasks.

We know that the CCP uses its comprehensive monitoring system and massive data to watch everyone inside China. They have set up 200 million cameras across the country. Everyone carries a mobile phone with them nowadays, and the CCP's secret agents know where people are by monitoring their mobile phones.

In addition, if the mobile phones have WeChat or QQ installed on them, the agents use those to monitor every single thing we say and do. The CCP's secret agents can videotape, record, and steal contact information, passwords, bank accounts, phone call records, travel routes, and itineraries via WeChat and other social media software.

As mobile phones and software become more and more pervasive, we must acknowledge that fact and pay particular attention to security issues. It is also important to know that, besides the software mentioned in these notices, mainland mobile phones and other mainland applications also have security issues.

After we adjust the emphasis on safety as the foundation, we will have the ability and wisdom to do well and arrange well the relationship between cultivation, life, and work.

Please point out anything that is not appropriate.