(Minghui.org) Mainland China's persecution of Falun Gong continues, and the Fa-rectification is not yet complete. In order to not provide convenience to the Chinese Communist Party's surveillance and monitoring, we urge all Dafa practitioners and Dafa disciples to stop using WeChat, Tencent QQ, iCloud, Skype, and other similar software, regardless of whether you live in mainland China or other countries or regions of the world. We urge relevant practitioners to stop spreading, following, and persisting in using various excuses. This is for the personal safety and information security of yourself, your fellow practitioners, Dafa projects, and people around you.

Cell phones with WeChat, Tencent QQ, Chinese-Simplified iCloud, and other such software installed on them have transmitted their contacts and other information to the CCP. Please immediately delete these apps and restore your phone to factory default settings. To do so, go to Settings → General → Reset → Erase All Content and Settings (not Reset All Settings) → Erase Now → Erase Phone. Only by following these steps can you restore your phone to Factory Default Settings.

All Apple devices need to have iCloud turned off in Settings. You also must not set the language to “Chinese, Simplified” or your information, including your contacts, bank information, photos, passwords, and other personal information, would be automatically synced to iCloud server managed by a China company. Even your family and friends' information and texts may be obtained through your iCloud account. (Apple began storing Simplified Chinese iCloud account information on Chinese servers on February 28, 2018). To turn off iCloud, go to Settings → your name (Apple ID) → iCloud → turn off iCloud Drive and all apps that use iCloud.

If you have turned on iCloud in the past, a lot of information has already been automatically uploaded to iCloud. Therefore, after you turn off iCloud on your phone, you still need to delete all content stored in iCloud. To do so, you need to log in to iCloud from your computer and then delete all content in there.

If you have not configured your devices as above, please be sure to change your settings as soon as possible upon seeing this notice.

We ask that all Dafa practitioners and Dafa disciples to start from ourselves in following this notice. Please spread the word and help each other make necessary settings changes as quickly as possible so as to reduce losses and avoid continuing aiding in the CCP's persecution.

Minghui Editorial Board
June 30, 2018