(Minghui.org) Master mentioned the issue of sickness karma during his lecture at the 2018 Washington DC Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference. We would like to remind practitioners who might not have paid attention to this issue of the following. Your heart is very precious; you have persevered clarifying the truth at public places such as tourism sites and in front of Chinese embassies and consulates. You did this voluntarily, treating this as higher priority than your career and family and without any compensation. However, we must consider the actual impact of saving people and reflect the rationality, endurance, and selflessness of Dafa disciples. Think about it, if we were to be enduring sickness karma, and might even require the assistance of crutches or wheelchairs, then our image and state wouldn't validate Dafa. It might even cause confusion or misunderstanding among people. The Chinese Communist Party is evil and could exploit the situation to create false propaganda and harm people. This is the opposite to the impact we strive to achieve through elevating ourselves to fulfill our mission of saving sentient beings. It may be better for you to temporarily keep a low profile and do other things, take time to study the Fa more, and look within to cultivate yourselves. Once you have passed the tribulation, you can once again go to public places to save people as Dafa disciples in a normal healthy state.

Minghui Editorial BoardJune 30, 2018