(Minghui.org) One day, my fourth-grade grandson came home and said, “The school is asking every student to buy several books on wolves and study them. The teacher said that we should have the fearless spirit of a wolf, that we should not be afraid of anything in achieving our goals, and we will then eventually succeed. My mom also told me to have the fighting spirit of a wolf, or else I won't get a foothold in society when I grow up and I would be taken advantage of.”

I was alarmed to hear this. What could such an education lead to? I said to my grandson, “Do you think they are right? In our traditional Chinese culture, we talk about doing good deeds and being kind to others. Coworkers and classmates should help each other and make progress together. Chinese people always say 'as poisonous as a scorpion or a snake' and 'as cruel as a wolf.' Wolves eat their own kind. How could we learn from wolves and be like animals? Could that be right?”

“I also thought it wasn't right. But do wolves really eat their own?” my grandson asked.

I said, “That is true. I saw a TV report a few days ago. A person who raises wolves put seven wolves in a cage. The next day he saw pieces of skin and tails on the ground, and two wolves were missing. The others ate them. If we all behave like wolves, hating each other, fighting each other, and being so violent, how could our society be good? We follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance; we do not try to learn to be like wolves.” He agreed.

I feel that it is urgent to protect the next generation. Education today is training young people to be defiant and ferocious—like wolves. The result will be the destruction of humankind. The book The Ultimate Goal of Communism says, “The Chinese people have been indoctrinated with atheism and the philosophy that the weak are the prey to the strong since they were young. They have witnessed the tyranny of the Communist regime. When they grow up, their thoughts and actions are full of violence and aggression. They treat other people like animals and are capable of all evils.”

As a Falun Dafa practitioner, we must guide the next generation to the righteous way of cultivation so that they won't be swept away by the powerful current of ordinary human society and go awry.

This is just my own understanding. Please point out anything inappropriate.