(Minghui.org) I have read many articles on the Minghui website about memorizing the Fa, and I have always admired practitioners who can persevere in doing so. While I’ve memorized some sections of Zhuan Falun, Lunyu, and poems from Hong Yin, I am far from those who managed to memorize and recite Dafa’s entire books from memory. However, I would like to share with fellow practitioners a way I’ve managed to continue memorizing the Fa, sentence by sentence.

I am a stay at home mom. There are many chores to do during the day, as well as taking care of our child. I used to often spend most of the day listening to audio recordings of the Fa. Sometimes this was inconvenient because I had to carry the player with me everywhere or stop it when someone was talking to me, or when I needed to address something. After the player broke down, I started reciting the Fa.

I started reciting the Hong Yin poems first, because I could remember them. Then I thought why not repeat sentence by sentence the text from Zhuan Falun? I find this to be the easiest way to memorize the Fa. I just read a sentence and then repeat it in my mind 10-15 times, until I am familiar with it. I then proceed to the next sentence. This way, my mind is always filled with the Fa. Even when I take my child for a stroll or to play outside, I carry an electronic reader (that allows the enlargement of the letters in the text) and I keep reciting sentence after sentence, even while walking.

I find that after repeating sentences of the Fa like that, I enlighten to new principles, and they sometimes later appear in my mind when I need to enlighten to something.

I felt that sharing this relatively easy way of Fa memorization may help those who feel discouraged or are having difficulty memorizing the Fa.

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