(Minghui.org) There are five Falun Dafa practitioners in our Fa-study group and we are all involved with different Dafa projects. We have been together for seven years now. For the past three years, the Fa-study group has taken place in my house.

Clarifying the Facts Through Mailings

We talk to people face-to-face to let them know about Falun Dafa and the persecution, including at universities, business districts, government buildings, outside the courts, and community centers. We also use direct mailing to aim at various work units, addressing them personally to individuals in different professions. The letter contains a handwritten note along with truth clarification materials.

The direct mailing covers a large area, and every letter is carefully checked before mailing. It takes effort and patience, and requires a great sense of responsibility on our part.

We mail letters every day regardless of the weather. We carry different truth- clarification materials everywhere we go and drop them off when opportunities arise. We also carry telephone numbers, so that we can make phone calls to clarify the facts to people as we go. Practitioners never complain and always have a smile.

Two practitioners take responsibility for making the truth-clarification materials. They face all kinds of challenges. One of them must take care of her elderly parents, while the other also delivers materials to whoever needs them, regardless of the traveling distance required.

Confronting Challenges

Sometimes we encountered challenges in various respects. For example, at the time when lots of people filed criminal complaints against Jiang Zemin, the former head of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for initiating the persecution of Falun Dafa, we had difficulties mailing letters. We sent righteous thoughts to try and eliminate the interference.

I tested things out by sending two different kinds of mail. One contained printed truth-clarification materials, while the other was handwritten information about the persecution. It turned out that the former didn't arrive at its destination, but the latter did. So we decided to hand write all truth clarification letters and mail them to many government offices, industries and professions.

I had a dream one night in August 2017, where a policewoman at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp was begging me to save her. It was the person who had arrested me. After my dream, I immediately wrote her a truth-clarification letter with my most sincere heart. I wanted to save the life that was calling for help!

The dream reminded me of another dream, also about a policewoman at Masanjia. She and her mother were in a murky dark room and both looked as if their lives were about to end. I thought, only by acknowledging the truth about the persecution could they be saved.

I started drafting a letter but didn't finish it, as I was busy with something else. The unfinished draft was folded and left in my pocket.

One night, I dreamed about something and accidentally touched the pocket. It gave off a bright light. I touched it again three times, and the light shone three times. I thought it was strange and immediately got up, found the note in my pocket, finished writing it, and mailed it out.

This incident made me realize that Teacher gives all sentient beings opportunities to be saved. It was an opportunity not to be missed! The dreams helped me realize more clearly the importance of saving people.

Cooperating Well Is Our Strength

I met a practitioner from the countryside one day. She asked me how she could help save the people in her area, as they had been severely deceived by the CCP and had negative thoughts about Falun Dafa.

I suggested that we write individual letters to tell them about the persecution, which could be delivered to people's doors. I helped to draft a letter, and we put it in an envelope, making it very formal.

But handwritten letters took too long to write, so we tried to type them up. One of the practitioners in the group learned how to type addresses on an envelope. The result turned out quite well. We were very pleased.

When we were done we put each envelope in a plastic wallet to protect it from the rain. We then contacted a practitioner from that area, who came to pick up all the letters and personally delivered them.

We inquired about the letters a week later, and it turned out all but one household that read the letter had positively changed their attitude towards Dafa.

We were truly thankful to Teacher for giving us the wisdom and help with our efforts. We also understood that these good results were due to the fact that we worked well together. The whole body’s effort brought the good outcome: sentient beings were saved!

We then started to hand-deliver letters like this in our city.

Our small Fa-study group introduced this idea to other Fa-study groups. Two practitioners from our group actively helped those in remote areas to deliver truth- clarification letters and magazines.

We diligently study the Fa and clarify the facts with the full attention of saving people. Every practitioner does their best to make full use of their skills in this regard.

Looking Inward

Teacher wrote in the poem “True Cultivation” in Hong Yin:

“Zhen Shan Ren held in the heartFalun Dafa will fulfillCultivate xinxing each momentConsummation—boundless wonder”

Each time we finish studying the Fa we usually spend some time sharing experiences and understandings, using the Fa-principles to measure ourselves. We saw our shortcomings and talked about conflicts we had with each other and other people as well. The frequent sharings helped us correct some inappropriate behaviors.

We study the Fa, do the exercises, send righteous thoughts, clarify the facts and look within as a whole body. Naturally, we elevated our xinxing together. It is truly amazing.

When practitioners from other groups approach us requesting help we try our best to assist, overcoming all kinds of challenges. We understand that nothing is coincidental. In fact, the problems that we encounter are precisely our issues that are needed to elevate our xinxing. When we overcame problems in this way, it was truly a manifestation of:

“Cultivation depends on one's own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one's master.” (Zhuan Falun)

We wholeheartedly thank Teacher for bringing Dafa to all of us, so that we can return to our true selves; for giving us wisdom and righteous thoughts; and for providing us with opportunities to save sentient beings.