(Minghui.org) When I got a job in the public sector in 1994, I felt that my life was gradually improving. Unfortunately, I also began facing some health issues. I had serious allergies causing sinusitis and bronchitis, as well as other symptoms that were getting worse. No doctors could help improve the situation.

Beginning Falun Dafa Cultivation

A friend introduced me to Falun Dafa in 1998. Soon after I began practicing, my health improved dramatically. My life totally turned around.

I initially joined practitioners to do the group exercises in the park. My husband knew that it was Falun Dafa that helped me improve my health, but he thought that since it is a cultivation practice, I might eventually decide to become a nun and exclude him from my life. So he stopped me from participating in the group activities.

I wanted to have a harmonious family life and I didn't want my husband to have any negative thoughts about Dafa, so I decided to practice Dafa at home alone. I did this for many years, and was also very busy with my full-time job and looking after our children.

In 2012, I happened to connect with a Dafa practitioner, who provided me with opportunities to join the group exercises. I began to realize that I hadn't done well in doing the three things that practitioners are supposed to do, especially when it came to saving sentient beings. I was worried about this, but didn't know where to begin!

I introduced Falun Dafa to a colleague in 2014. She was very diligent as soon as she began practicing, which encouraged me a great deal. My colleague joined a phone calling team that made calls to China to let people know about Falun Dafa and the persecution. She invited me to join the team.

As I worked during the day, I began making calls in the evening. However, my family thought that calling strangers was intruding upon people's privacy, so they suggested that I go to tourist sites to clarify the facts about Dafa instead. I agreed.

One day, my son saw an announcement on a bulletin board about a documentary regarding illegal organ harvesting in China. He was shocked.

Around the same time, my husband saw a news report on TV about live organ harvesting in China. It reported that a pregnant woman's kidney was stolen while she was having a C-section. He was stunned by what was happening, and questioned, “Isn't a hospital supposed to be a place to save people's lives? How come it's become a slaughterhouse? Physicians are becoming butchers. I am really appalled!”

My family then decided to support me wholeheartedly in my truth-clarification work.

On weekends, my husband drove me back and forth to the tourist sites, and at night, the whole family cooperated by not distracting me while I worked on making phone calls to China.

Making Phone Calls

I have spoken with all kinds of people when making phone calls to China, and was constantly challenged.

Once, the topic about China's economic growth came up and the person asked me many tough questions. I tried to bypass the topic, but he kept questioning me. I blamed myself for bringing up something that I had limited knowledge about. Not only couldn't I save him, but the conversation also left him with negative thoughts about Dafa.

Another time, I asked the person if he was a member of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He said that he was with the Nationalist Party, and then hung up the phone. I called again, but no one answered. I believed that as long as he was willing to start a conversation there would be hope for him, so I called him again the next day. Once again, he said he was a Nationalist Party member and hung up. I called again, but my call went unanswered.

I called him again on the third day. This time, as soon as we were connected he began talking. He said that he has been to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, and he knew everything about Falun Dafa. He also said, “You people are playing politics! You think you can overthrow communism like that?” I told him that to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations means to withdraw from politics. By withdrawing, he wouldn't have to shoulder the communist party's crimes, and he and his family would have a bright future.

After our conversation, he agreed to quit the CCP's organizations. I was very touched. This phone conversation frequently reminded me not to give up on any precious Chinese person!

My experience of making phone calls helped me do a better job of assisting people quit the CCP at tourist sites. The more phone calls I made, the more confident I became when talking with tourists face-to-face. I became calmer and was able to clarify the facts more rationally. As a result, I was able to help more people quit the CCP.

Helping New Practitioners

An elderly man came to our practice site one day and joined us. As he was new, I often reminded him to study the Fa and listen to the Fa lectures. The man said that the minute he read Zhuan Falun or listened to the lectures he would have a severe headache. I encouraged him to keep trying, because as soon as a person wanted to cultivate their karma would interfere. If his determination to practice cultivation prevailed, the headaches would soon disappear.

I shared with him a Fa quote from the lecture “Teaching the Fa in Beijing at the Zhuan Falun Publication Ceremony” in the book Zhuan Falun Fajie. Teacher said,

“If a person wants to go abroad, to go to a pretty rich country and enjoy good fortune, then those debts you owe in this country have to all be paid off first. How can you just brush them off and leave—how could that work? You have to return it all before you can go.” (“Teaching the Fa in Beijing at the Zhuan Falun Publication Ceremony” from Zhuan Falun Fajie - The Law of Zhuan Falun Explained)

The man said he would study hard now that he understood this.

Previously, this man had an accident requiring seven operations on his spine. He couldn't stand up straight. But six months after he began the practice he was able to walk straight, and he became very healthy. All his friends and relatives knew that it was Falun Dafa that had helped him improve.

The man used to have a strong personality. Before his retirement, he let his wife take care of managing his income. But after he retired, his wife often didn't give him any money. He argued with her many times and told me that he felt wronged and didn't want to practice cultivation anymore.

He even had thoughts of killing her and committing suicide, but he said that there was always a force that stopped him from taking any action. Now he understands that it was Teacher, the founder of Falun Dafa, who stopped him from making such a grave mistake.

He was often bullied by his wife, and I reminded him that he could have owed her from a previous life. I commented, “Isn't it a good thing to repay the debts now? You can improve your character though this process.”

From that point on, the elderly man diligently studied the Fa and listened to the Fa lectures. He totally changed his character, and was like a brand new person.

The kinds of interference and challenges that this new practitioner encountered were mostly from his wife. I thought, if she could watch Shen Yun, she would really benefit from it. So I invited the couple to watch the show with me.

At the practice site the next day, the practitioner told me that his wife had studied dance and found Shen Yun to be a high class show. She also said that she would give him whatever amount of money he wanted. Once again, the new practitioner witnessed the miracles of Dafa, which helped him persist in his cultivation.

Attending the Fa Conference in San Francisco

I met a practitioner from China the year before I attended the Fa Conference in San Francisco. When he learned that I made phone calls to China to let people know about Dafa, he said, “The phone calls are very effective. Sometimes when a practitioner was arrested and put in a detention center, the phone calls from Taiwanese practitioners touched the hearts of the police. So they let the practitioner go home.” He wanted me to thank Taiwanese practitioners for our efforts.

This practitioner also told me some of his experiences. He said that his home was a Fa study site before the persecution. All the people in his family practiced Falun Dafa. Many of his family members were persecuted, and he had been illegally arrested nine times and was imprisoned for nine years. It is not easy for practitioners in China to remain diligent and persist in cultivation through all the hardships. Those of us outside of China have no excuses for not being diligent!

After attending the Fa Conference I began having diarrhea. When I got back to Taiwan, I experienced symptoms of a cold. I coughed excessively and could hardly talk, but as soon as I started making phone calls to China, the coughing stopped. However, as soon as I finished talking the coughing came back. I noticed that people were willing to spend time to listen me, and that there were even more people quitting the Party.

I continued to go through sickness karma, with my body being continually cleansed, for two months. I had high fever and found it difficult to breathe. My face was puffy and red, and I could hardly walk. Sometimes I felt like I was wrapped up in layers of a black substance. Once, I almost fainted because I felt suffocated. My situation scared my colleagues and family. My husband was worried and wanted to take me to the hospital. I insisted that I wouldn't go. At the most difficult moment, I had a thought: Would I die from this? I immediately denied that thought.

I didn't want my thinking to create a loophole, so I began to get more serious about studying the Fa, listening to the Fa lectures and sending righteous thoughts. When I could sit up, I would do the sitting meditation.

I asked Teacher for help, and said, “Please help me, Teacher. I know I have disappointed you. There are still many things that I haven't done well, and I haven't honored my vows.” Miraculously, the sickness karma soon disappeared!

Attending the New York Fa Conference

I attended the Fa Conference in New York in May last year, and tears rolled down my cheeks when I saw Teacher. It felt that I had experienced many twists and turns in my life, and finally made it home! Every single word that Teacher spoke pierced through all my cells at the most microscopic level. I truly felt that I was touched by the immense Fa!

On my way to another meeting I saw many female practitioners lining up to use the restroom. Nobody was lining up to use the men's restroom, so I said, “Can we use the men's restroom?” A practitioner solemnly said, “In the U.S., people follow rules. If people complain about us, it would have a negative impact on Dafa.” I immediately apologized.

We were later outside in the pouring rain, and it was damp and cold. Although everyone was soaking wet, the atmosphere was serene. In the midst of the pouring rain I saw a practitioner of advanced age, smiling. His smile was so bright and pure. I was very moved.

After returning home from New York I felt that I had improved a great deal in my cultivation. I now constantly correct my mistakes to conform to the Fa, and diligently participate in doing the three things that practitioners should do.

Whether it involves truth-clarification work or helping to promote Shen Yun, I try my best to work well with others.

I clarify the facts with wisdom and peace, and my heart is no longer moved when faced with insults from the people I talk with on the phone. At tourist sites, I am better at talking to people, and therefore, more people are willing to quit the CCP.

Looking back, I have made many mistakes. There isn't really much time left for me to regret, as the Fa-Rectification is nearing the end. The only thing I can do now is to walk my cultivation path well and righteously. This is the best way I can think of to express my appreciation to Teacher. This is also the only way I can show all sentient beings that I will honor the hope they have put in me.