(Minghui.org) The members of our project were deeply touched after reading Minghui's call for submissions to celebrate May 13th, 2018. We hope to share our understandings of the importance of this call for articles, to encourage Western fellow practitioners to write their sharing articles.

The importance of articles by Westerners

The Minghui website offers a wealth of articles by Chinese practitioners. Their experiences and the depth of their understandings have helped us, Western practitioners, and continue to help us on our cultivation journey. But wouldn't it be important for Western practitioners to express themselves too and to contribute to this wealth, to create a better cultivation environment and a better sharing platform between us during the Fa rectification process?

Fa study is of course the crucial point for solid progress. How do we, as Western disciples, progress on this point? Are we diligent? Moreover, do we succeed in doing the three things that Master asks us to do? How do we look within? How do we clarify the truth to Westerners? To Chinese tourists? What are our difficulties? What are our understandings?

In addition, due to our different ways of thinking, some Western practitioners may also recognize themselves more in some of the articles written by Westerners.

Our articles may also show Chinese non-practitioners, individuals taking part in the persecution in China, and the people of this world that Falun Gong is practiced everywhere.

We Western practitioners are free to practice in our respective countries. Western practitioners can help make it clear that Falun Dafa is not only a cultivation practice for Chinese people alone: it is a universal cultivation practice.

Sharing articles are a form of truth clarification, they are testimonies of our cultivation journeys. As Western practitioners, by submitting our articles to Minghui, we show Dafa's influence even further: Dafa is global, Dafa radiates around the world.

These articles could also help Chinese Dafa disciples to better understand how Westerners understand Dafa. By presenting our different views, our different ways of thinking, our different ways of understanding things, we will enrich the body of articles on Minghui.org.

Our testimonies can also bring joy and hope to our fellow practitioners in China: despite the hardships or difficulties imposed on us by the old forces, we clarify the truth, we do the three things and move forward together on the same path of cultivation in Dafa.

Below are a few examples of how important what we do is and how we form one body.

A Western practitioner in Singapore

A member of our group lived in Singapore for some time. There was a practice site with streams of visitors from mainland China at a popular tourist attraction. When she practiced there, Chinese tourists were often astounded to see her, "Oh, westerners practice Falun Gong too?!"

By regularly practicing there, she realized how non-Chinese faces could potentially shatter, layer after layer, the propaganda of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which poisons the minds of so many people.

Sharing articles written by Western Dafa disciples may have a similar effect on truth clarification to the Chinese people.

“Isn't it, after all, the reason why we're here? To help Master save more beings?” she told us.

A Western practitioner in Paris

A practitioner from our group went to Paris during a parade of practitioners coming from European countries to clarify the truth. She was not in the parade, but was handing out materials to tourists along the way. She was at the front of the Tian Guo Marching Band. She saw the reaction of Chinese tourists. She saw terror in the eyes of some, mockery, contempt. Her heart was sad for those people who have been deceived by the CCP's slanderous propaganda. At one point, she handed a document to a Chinese tourist and said in Chinese, as she had done to others: "Falun Dafa Hao!" ("Falun Dafa is good") The man did not look at her, as if he had not seen or heard her. He didn't slow down his pace, but as he reached her height, he said without moving his lips, "Falun Dafa Hao!" The practitioner was then very touched. She was suddenly felt connected to all the Dafa disciples in Mainland China who took the risk and the time to clarify the facts to this man, to explain the truth about Dafa, to give him materials so that he would no longer be deceived by the CCP's lies. She received the words spoken by this man as a gift.

By her testimony, she wishes to thank all the practitioners in China for their hard work.


We are all very busy because of our various projects, promotion of Shen Yun, the media and others. But we would like to say to all our Western fellow practitioners: take a moment to write an article! Even if everything suggests that you will never have time to write one, you can still make it happen. Submitting an article to Minghui to celebrate World Falun Dafa Day is an honor and a precious opportunity not to be missed. Writing a sharing article is also a powerful way to look within and improve in your cultivation. This is our cultivation.

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