(Minghui.org) I have written quite a few sharing articles over the course of my cultivation, some which were presented at Fa-conferences, and some published on Dafa websites, including the Minghui website. I understand that not all practitioners believe they are competent writers, but it seems that human notions may have prevented them from having a quiet mind, sitting down, and taking a look inside when writing. Doing this worked well for me.

I come from a small former communist country in Europe. Judging by the number of Dafa practitioners, the communist mentality is still strong in this part of the world. Only recently have new people joined, and for many years I was the only one from my country attending the international Fa-conferences. I made an effort last summer to share with others about how I benefitted by attending the Fahui conference abroad, and as a result, most of the local practitioners agreed to accompany me to the next European Fahui (experience sharing conference). At that time, however, official rules had not yet been announced.

One of the official rules announced for the Fahui, required everyone to submit a sharing article. Most of the practitioners had never even tried to write a sharing article, and this seemed like a heavy burden for them. We did have a couple of months ahead of us though, and we already regularly read Minghui sharing articles after our weekly Fa-study to inspire ourselves to share more. That was a good start. I also tried to remind them of their own verbal sharings they had previously presented, and I promised to assist them with the writing process.

The practitioners submitted their articles to me, one by one. After reviewing them, I tried to pinpoint well-written parts, and suggested a direction in which to develop the story. I also asked them to include as many references to the Fa as possible. When I noticed something that was not in line with the Fa according to my own understanding, I also pointed that out to them. I tried to act more as an advisor than an editor, and gradually we improved as one body. As a result, all the sharing papers were ready before the deadline.

This is how we all “earned” our tickets to the Fahui. The process had amazing benefits.

With so many of our experience sharings, we decided to have our own local Fa-conference later on, and invite practitioners from neighboring countries to share their own experiences.

When the articles were being presented at the local conference late last year, I was surprised by the pure and solemn atmosphere we had, which wouldn’t have been possible without quality sharing articles. Actually, all the articles sounded quite mature. Even an older lady who was always reluctant to share her cultivation experiences presented a great speech.

A practitioner with her third eye opened said she saw many of Master’s fashen and great enlightened beings at the venue, and I believe that practitioners enjoyed and benefitted from their experiences at the Fahui. What we did was a good thing.

Looking back at the beginning of my cultivation, I remember my first Fahui in Europe. Although a freshman in cultivation, at that time I felt obliged to submit my sharing. I somehow had the understanding that each practitioner was supposed to submit at least one sharing, and that it was a rule.

It was not a rule, actually, at least not at that time. But it is now, and this might mean that the Fa-rectification has come to a point when everyone is expected to be able to write a sharing no matter the state of their writing skills. Don’t we all gain our wisdom and capabilities from the Fa? Are we just “doing things,” or truly cultivating? For me, Minghui’s call for article submissions shows that the Fa-rectification has come to that point.

I’m deeply grateful to all practitioners from China who have submitted sharing articles to Minghui. It is the Fa that guides my cultivation, but other people’s understandings also help me enlighten to the Fa. I’m especially grateful to practitioners who contributed to the China Fahuis – they have truly been a “beacon of light in a vast ocean.”

I understand that Western practitioners, especially new ones, may more easily relate to Westerners’ sharings, as situations in their cultivation are more similar, as are their respective environments.

Therefore I’d like to encourage all Western practitioners to submit their sharing articles to Minghui’s call for honoring Falun Dafa Day. I suggest that local coordinators and members of local Minghui teams do the same in their regions. At the same time, those practitioners who have more experience in writing articles can offer assistance to those who need help. That way we can help the entire body benefit from the Westerners' sharings and improve as a whole. Not to mention how helpful it will be for the mainland Chinese practitioners to see that no matter where we are, what language we speak, or where we come from, we are all cultivators of Falun Dafa and we all enlighten from the great Fa of the cosmos.

This is my understanding. Please point out if anything is inappropriate.

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