(Minghui.org) Practitioners from New Century Film wish Master Li a Happy Chinese New Year by contributing the following poem.

The Eternal Journey

One voice came from the ancient past,echoing in the cosmos layer after layer:“Who is willing to follow me to save sentient beings?”“Who is willing to follow me to be kings for one thousand years?”The voice was from the Lord of Buddhas,carrying hope for all sentient beings.

What followed was an unforgettable scene,on the picture scroll of the colossal divinity.Removing the holy aura,we fearlessly followed Master down to the Three Realms.A journey to a renewed cosmos,led by the Creator of the divine beings.

A grand drama, sophisticated and fascinating,unfolded on the land of the middle kingdom.Respected heroes, generals, and ministers,accompanied emperors and kings in the glorious history.

In remote history,we experienced reincarnation again and again.Ups and downs in life, bitter and sour,waiting for thousands of years.Until the day came for us to be practitioners,to end the hardship and fulfill the vows.

Compassionate Master came down to the earthly world,enduring enormous karma for sentient beings.Turning the tide and ending the calamity,Master rectified the cosmos from the most minute to the most vast.In the unprecedented maneuver,is the boundless compassion and sacrifice of Master.

History will not forget,the long darkness filled with fierce rain and storm.Tribulations and pitfalls,we have followed the teachings like boats seeking a lighthouse.Each step along the journey,manifests Master's care and encouragement.

The long night comes to an end,as dawn is approaching.The rising sun will shed light on heaven and earth.Dafa disciples have nearly fulfilled the vowsof diligent cultivation and saving sentient beings.

The cosmos is renewed,with hope and prosperity.Sentient beings saved,refreshed, filled with joy and gratitude.Throughout heaven and earth,the eternal journey is remembered and commemorated.