(Minghui.org) Although I was diligent in doing the three things, I was far from the standard of a Fa-rectification period Falun Dafa practitioner. I had many attachments that I needed to get rid of and realized that I needed to improve in my cultivation the closer it gets to the end. Thus, I decided to memorize Hong Yin IV.

Master said,

“Dafa disciples’ ensuring your daily cultivation practice is essential; clarifying the truth and saving people is Dafa disciples’ mission. On the path to Consummation, neither of these two things can be lacking. How well you do them reflects your cultivation state, as to whether or not you are diligent.” (“A Reminder”)

Understanding the Mission of a Dafa Practitioner

I had many conflicts with other practitioners and family members. Not passing these tests caused me great pain and anxiety. Master gave me hints because he knew that I wanted to raise my xinxing.

Thus, I decided to memorize five poems every day and hoped to finish memorizing this book within a month. I repeatedly memorized every word and line of each poem. I memorized while walking, taking public transportation, and whenever I found time at my job. I was afraid that I would forget something, so I wrote each line on a strip of paper and thus could check myself anytime.

I experienced many thoughts, feelings, and improvements during this process. Although I had previously read the poems, I had not absorbed them. But this time, every word and line shook my heart and touched me deeply. I understood who I was. We came from the heavens to obtain the Fa from the creator of the universe, for Master to purify us, and to return to our heavenly paradises. Our sacred mission is to clarify the truth and save sentient beings.

Master said,

Heaven and Earth lost righteousnessRed demon rises in the end timesThe Creator has come to the worldRighteous and evil in contest, shocking Heaven, shaking EarthThis is not sleep-talkingIt’s to spread the truthThough persecution is so sinisterSaving people will stir up dust and brutalityLies blot out Heaven, blanket EarthYet tribulations are forging disciples of the Lord GodSaving people in the end times is Gods’ willOut of compassion, I’ll give up not even one personFind the truth quicklyThat is the true meaning of your lifeWinter 2012 (“Life's True Meaning” from Hong Yin IV)

As Falun Dafa practitioners, it is our responsibility to help Master save people during the Fa-rectification. However, we can only do well if we cultivate well.

Breakthroughs in Getting Rid of Attachments

I had a lot of breakthroughs and got rid of a lot of attachments while memorizing the poems, including the issue of sincerity. In the past, I always insisted that I was right and felt the need to justify myself in my arguments with other practitioners.

Master said,

In my heart, your friendshipIs so sincereWhen Dafa disciples face sufferingIt warms the chill in my heartWhen I face hardshipsThis friendship helps me be even more steadfastI want to tell you the truthMy mission is infinitely sacredI will turn your sincerity into renewal of life("Sincerity" from Hong Yin IV)

I realized that I was not able to endure and instead picked arguments with others. I did not look within and instead looked outward. I only emphasized myself, and my selfishness was deeply rooted. I wondered if this conduct befitted a Dafa practitioner and felt very ashamed.

Master wrote,

Do not complainBut hold on to your kindness(“Dispelling Your Delusion” from Hong Yin IV)

Master's Fa helped me find my insincerity, so I admitted to my mistakes and apologized to the respective practitioner. I said I was sorry and also thanked that practitioner for helping me pass this test.

I was also able to point out where other practitioners were lacking in their cultivation in a timely manner. I felt I was able to return to my true self.

While memorizing, I kept looking within and found attachments. I had not looked within in the past and thus was quite shocked by how many attachments I had missed.

Then, I realized that I was constantly vindicated myself, showed off, and competed with others. I told others that they had to listen to me. This was an attachment that arose from the indoctrination of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

In my married life, I always stressed that I was right. If I felt wronged, I defended myself and adopted a combative mentality. When good things happened to other people, I felt uncomfortable rather than feeling happy for them. This was a manifestation of jealousy. At work, I sometimes concealed my cunning nature. I was not steady when I encountered problems and was fearful. These were all attachments that I needed to get rid of.

Righteous Thoughts Essential for Improvement

I sent forth righteous thoughts and then memorized “Righteous Thoughts.”

Master wrote,

Swift like lightning, soaring to cosmic heightsMighty like a thunderbolt, reaching beyond heavensSweeping across the cosmos, no place untouchedEliminating altogether all that’s decayed and deviant(“Righteous Thoughts” from Hong Yin IV)

When sending righteous thoughts, I completely eliminated my attachments and got rid of all bad substances. I recited in my head, “mie,” telling these substances that I did not want them. I turned them into ashes, and they vanished without a trace.

Once I freed myself of these attachments, I felt cheerful. It was as if I had turned into a different person. I raised my xinxing, studied the Fa well, and practiced the exercises.

I constantly compare myself against the Fa and pay attention to my every word and deed. I am strict with myself when I notice any problems within me and promptly correct them. When I encounter problems, I handle them well. I think of others before myself, and I compare my shortcomings with other practitioners' strengths. I am clearing my dimensional field and purifying myself from the depths of my being.