(Minghui.org) Despite the fact that smartphones have been popular for many years, I have been using a simple cellphone for years. In daily life, a simple (no Internet) cell phone is all we need for making phone calls. When you have the need to go online, a computer can be used.

Internet Temptation

When I think about the internet the first thing that comes to my mind is “convenience,” making it a temptation. However, many so-called “conveniences” really do not benefit people, and can be harmful.

I also understand from one of Master’s Fa teachings that in the future there will be no computers. So why do we rely so heavily on the internet? Do we really need to be connected as much as most people are? People see it as a convenience and participate.

Many people have to go online for work or in daily life. If it is not necessary, as a practitioner, I think it is best to avoid going online. This is the fundamental reason I have been using a simple cell phone, instead of a smartphone.

The Internet has been a powerful tool to corrupt humans. There is no bottom line to how bad things can get online. Thus, there will be trouble for practitioners who are attached to everyday people’s websites.

The smartphone is designed to be convenient. It can be used by anyone without any training. Online tools exist that can control people, such as QQ and WeChat. Even practitioners waste countless hours on such sites. Some practitioners still do not understand the Minghui editor's notice regarding uninstalling WeChat.

For everyday people, it’s natural to use it. If a practitioner acts the same as everyday people on this issue, then he or she is an everyday person in this aspect. As Master said a Dafa disciple, “Puts a stop to its downward slide.” (“Illuminating All” from Hong Yin Volume II)

Many practitioners have uninstalled WeChat. If practitioners continue to use these sites and browse the Internet on their smartphones, it not only harms them, but helps the evil.

For years, not using WeChat has not negatively affected my work or any part of my life. Once my work unit put together a WeChat group and they sent messages through WeChat which I could not receive. I told them that I do not use WeChat and so even though I was the only one who did not use it, they switched back to the company's network to send messages throughout the company.

Everyday people often pay attention to weather changes, checking their smartphones for weather updates. I do not look at the weather report. I just adjust to any fluctuation in the temperature day to day. I find the weather does not seem to affect me since I am not overly concerned with it. I rarely need to add or reduce clothing.

A simple cell phone is also smaller than smartphones and easy to carry. It uses less power and so I don't have to worry about remembering to charge it frequently. A simple cell phone is less expensive as well. Master mentioned in a lecture that Shen Yun’s performers don’t use smartphones. My experience is, that adult fellow practitioners can also try doing this and my experience can be your reference.

My point is, that for daily life, a simple cell phone is enough for us. For purposes of unblocking the Internet blockade, studying the Fa, or clarifying the truth, we may use a smartphone, but that is a different situation.