(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Dafa, also called Falun Gong, when I was 23 years old. I have continued to practice for the past 20 years. On June 19, 1993, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the 3rd session of Changchun City Falun Dafa Classes that Master Li held at the Jilin Provincial Party Committee Hall. At that time, I did not know that this was something I had been longing and waiting for.

My heart was calm and peaceful when I entered the hall. My friend had already found me a seat in the 10th row from the front. When I sat down, I had this feeling that my wish had been fulfilled. Just then, I felt something moving on my back, thus I looked around to see if there was anyone shaking my chair, but there was no one around me. I felt that there was something rotating in my body and told the person who came with me, “There is something moving in my back and it seems to be rotating.” My friend said, “It is a Falun that is rotating, Master gave you a Falun.” I had some doubts as the Master had not yet appeared. So who was it that set up the Falun for me?

While waiting, I thought about the images of some of the great Qigong Masters: rich, famous, well dressed and possessing a unique poise. Inside the hall, there was neither anyone who kept order, nor anyone asking everyone to be quiet. However, everyone in the hall was very quiet and it felt like everything was being enveloped and constrained within a great energy of benevolence. Nobody talked loudly, walked around at will, chit-chatted non-stop or smoked. Everyone was immersed in an energy field full of benevolence and peace, quietly waiting for Master to arrive.

As everyone waited eagerly, Master walked up onto the stage wearing a clean short sleeve white shirt. Although his pants and leather shoes were relatively worn, their cleanliness touched one’s soul and it shocked me that although he lived in this mundane world, he was able to remain unaffected by all the mundane elements. His skin was flawless and he had a headful of black hair which made him appear as someone just over 20 years old! Master Li was tall, with a well-built figure, extraordinary poise and an amicable and benevolent smile.

After introducing himself and Falun Gong, the first issue that Master talked about was spiritual bodies. Master has a countless number of spiritual bodies. Before his arrival, his spiritual bodies were already cleansing the hall as well as the bodies of people with affinity, giving them Faluns. At that moment, I understood that it was Master who was cleansing my body and giving me a Falun earlier. Master disclosed the answers to some of the world’s mysteries and other things I really wanted to know about. I think that Master is not a normal person but someone who possesses extraordinary abilities. Master knows everything.

Listening to Master’s lectures has allowed me to understand things that I would never have understood without practicing cultivation. I came to know that the law of the universe, is Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. These three things made up everything within the universe, including us humans. I found out that the true reason why I will fall sick and its root cause. When I change myself to assimilate to the universe’s nature of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance, I will be able to create changes to the root cause of my illness, thus everything will revert back to normal. I confirmed that I wanted to take this path of returning to my original true nature.

Every sentence that Master said was so precious. In my haste, I wanted to take notes of the lecture but I did not bring a pen. Just then, Master told us not to make notes as that will affect our concentration in listening to the lectures. Therefore, I listened very earnestly, not wanting to miss even one sentence, not wanting to forget one bit of the lecture. I felt that every sentence that Master spoke carried very strong energy that kept entering my mind, continuing to fill it up. When I was a student, I needed to think as I listened to the teachers’ lessons and remember them. That was a very tiring process. However, Master’s lecture carried very strong energy that not only entered my mind but also reached my innermost self within my soul. The more I listened, the more comfortable I felt.

In 10 lessons, Master physically adjusted the bodies for practitioners several times. First, he told us to stand properly and think about one or two illnesses, then relax. Master stood on the stage, raised his hand up high then gradually lowered it down. I felt bad matter being pressed downwards starting from my head, all the way to the bottom of my feet. Master grasped his hand and I felt that bad matter was being taken away from my body. While capturing the bad matter in his hand, Master asked everyone to quickly move their bodies. He then walked over to the corner of the stage and threw away the ‘thing’ in his hand. One day, Master said that everyone will feel pain in their ankles when they stand for long periods of time as they practice the exercises. That day, he said he would remove the karma on everybody’s ankles. Master used the same method, and since then, no matter how long I stand, my ankles will not hurt.

On the day when Master talked about the inner eye, I was sitting somewhere in the center of the sixth or seventh row. While listening, I wondered if Master would ask all of us to stand up as he used his hand to open everybody’s inner eye. I listened with full concentration and felt that the area between my two eyebrows felt very itchy. Unable to stand the itchiness, I used my hand to try and scratch it gently. Master looked at me with benevolence and said not to scratch when he was talking about the inner eye, he was already opening the inner eye for everyone. Suddenly, I understood what was happening.

On the third day of Master’s lectures, I arrived at the lecture hall 30 minutes earlier than usual. However, many practitioners were already crowding at the door of the hall wanting to enter. Master brought many practitioners along and helped to guide the crowd. All the doors finally opened and everyone quickly ran in to find a seat. I followed suit. When I raised my head, I saw that Master was standing at the side of the corridor, looking at every practitioner with benevolence. I looked at Master as I ran past him into the hall. Master brought up this issue during his lecture. By listening to the lectures and as their understanding of the Fa increased, the students no longer vied for seated and there was no more congestion. In the lectures following that, the hall doors were always opened more than an hour earlier than the actual lecture time.

Every day after work, I rushed to the lectures on my bike without stopping to have dinner. The ride took about an hour due to the distance. This was something I could not imagine myself doing in the past when my body was always very weak. I arrived more than half an hour earlier than the actual lecture time and sat in the energy field that was filled with benevolence and peace. I did not think about bad things and neither did any thoughts about good things come into my mind. My mind was quiet and still and my inner soul calm and peaceful. During three hours of lecture and the trip back home, never did I feel any hunger.

Every day, Master lectured for more than two hours, let everyone rest for 10 minutes, and then taught the exercises. One practitioner stood on stage to demonstrate the exercise movements while Master talked about the main aspects of that exercise. As there were so many people, it took me some time to find a location to practice the exercise. A lady squeezed in front of me and took my place without any show of apology. Rage grew in my heart, but thinking about Master’s teachings to follow the requirement of “Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance” in our daily lives, I knew that it is wrong to be angry. Therefore, I controlled my anger, but an air of unfairness stayed with me. Just then, a ball of benevolent energy entered my heart which immediately dissipated that air of injustice.

In the hall, the first four rows of seats had VIP stickers on them. These seats were booked by the organizers for the provincial officials. The officials of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) wanted to test Master. Thus, they found many seriously ill patients to let Master treat. One lady stood on the stage with four CT scan diagrams and spoke emotionally saying that her mother had late stage cancer. Originally, there was a very big tumor in her chest which caused her windpipe to shift position. Master treated her for four sessions and the patient was brought to the hospital for a CT scan after every session as per the request of the provincial officials. The fourth CT scan diagram showed that the tumor had completely disappeared with only the tilt in the windpipe remaining. This lady told the more than one thousand practitioners that were present in the hall that they could come up on stage to look at the CT scan results, which were indeed real. Full of gratitude, this lady gave Master an embroidered flag.

However, in 1999, this lady appeared in the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) alleged “1400 deaths” and she totally reversed what she had said in front of so many people on stage at that time. I observed her in front of the television. Her fearful expressions showed that she must have been threatened by someone! Despite all that she said, nobody dared to bring up the facts of the four CT scan results. I was witness to all of this.

I cannot see the other realm but I can feel the strong movements of numerous Faluns in my body. These Faluns keep moving from deep within my body to the surface and even causing my clothes to move. When I conducted lessons during the day, Falun rotated in my hand which caused the paper I was holding to vibrate.

One day after listening to the lecture, I practiced the second set of Falun Dafa exercises. As my arms were very thin, every time I did the exercise, it was quite a painstaking experience as my arms felt like they were raising a huge mountain, and I would keep crying because of the pain. However, my desire for the correct path and to cultivate Dafa were so strong. When I did the third movement to raise my arms over my head, amidst the torturous pain, I had a thought: I will never let my arms come down, not even if it means to lose my life. Suddenly, I saw an eye appear on my left eyelid very clearly and it was very real. Zhuan Falun mentioned that,

“There are also several major sub-passageways in addition to the main passageway I mentioned, and these are above the eyebrows, above and below the eyelids, and at the Mountain Root acupoint at the bridge of the nose.”

As I had just started my cultivation, my understanding of Dafa was limited. Thus, I had this doubt in my heart that since I have just learned Falun Dafa, how can I have reached such high levels that all my sub-passageways have eyes?

On the 10th day, Master answered practitioners’ queries. I wanted to ask a question that I had in my heart, but due to the old forces’ disturbance, I was not able to express my question clearly in my note. When Master read my note, the meaning was totally different from what I had originally wanted to ask. Sitting amongst the audience, I kept apologizing to Master, “Master, this is not what I meant, this was not what I had wanted to say.” Master seemed to have heard my apology and he re-looked at my note. Through this “re-look,” Master took away so much bad matter from his disciple.

Before I knew it, the 10 days of lecture came to an end. Master was very busy, going to different parts of the country to spread the Fa with a very tight schedule. After the 10-day lectures in Changchun, Master needed to leave for another place to spread the Fa. Master came and went quickly and the feeling of having to part with Master did not feel good.

Master then told us that as there were some issues with the arrangements in the place that he was supposed to go to, he could stay in Changchun for another eight days, so he was able to hold another eight-day class in Changchun. Hearing that, every practitioner in the hall was so happy that they had such a great affinity with Dafa. As newcomers, we had the chance to listen to 18 days of lectures by Master himself. That was the most blissful and most honorable memory of my life!

The 8-days of lectures were held at Jilin University’s Ming Fang Gong Hall as the original hall couldn’t contain the growing number of practitioners.

On the second day of the lecture at Ming Fang Gong, Master talked about the inner eye. This time, I knew that Master was opening the inner eye for practitioners while talking about it during the lecture. A Falun landed between my brows, rotating at a location slightly above the brows. After that, like an electric drill, it started to bore inwards. It felt as if both of my eyeballs were immersing into the flesh.

Master said in Zhuan Falun, “Each of you should feel a tightening at your forehead as I explain the inner eye, as if the flesh there were pinching together and burrowing inward.”

I truly felt that a passageway had been burrowed through my forehead. The Falun had great power as it burrowed through and when it reached the pineal gland, it enlarged and continued to rotate. After a while, it reduced in size and burrowed out from the passageway, rotating on the surface of my forehead. After a while, it burrowed back through the passageway…...and it continued back and forth like that.

The lectures are very tough on Master. Every day, he lectured for more than two hours without drinking any water. Even when there were breaks in between, he was treating people at the back of the stage. One day after the lecture, I was coming out from the side door. I peeked through the window and saw that there were many people in the room and Master was treating their illnesses personally. It really seemed like Master was always so busy and working hard. Reluctantly, I left the place.

The entrance fee for the lectures was the lowest throughout the whole country. New practitioners paid 40 dollars while veteran practitioners paid 20 dollars. At that time, other Qigong session entrance fees were easily above 100 dollars. Master led a simple life. In the Provincial Party Hall, he wore a white shirt that he washed every night and wore it again the next day. At the Ming Fang Gong, he wore a very common white short sleeve t-shirt. Almost all of the entrance fees were given to the organizer. Master received no money. I understood that Master’s entrance fees were very low because he gave his lecture fees to his disciples. The CCP defamed Master, saying that he is greedy for money. Master had 100 million practitioners. If everyone were to give him one dollar, he would have been a millionaire. I would be more than happy to give Master a dollar, this could easily be done. However, Master did not want anything from his disciples. Master only wanted his disciples to have the heart to cultivate Dafa, to assimilate to the universal laws of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance and to be a good person and seek the righteous path.

Master did not have a luxurious house. He only had a broken old house, which I have seen myself. Those practitioners who have been to Master’s house all said that they shed tears of sadness when they saw Master’s house. Master is unsoiled by corrupt practices and is a true Master, one of great virtues. I understood that the reason why Master is unsoiled by the mundane world is because the mundane affairs are not able to affect him in any way.

On April 29, 1994, Master returned to Changchun and held another Falun Dafa Learning Class at Ming Fang Gong. I brought my mother and a friend along to listen to Master’s lectures. All the seats at Ming Fang Gong were taken and there were some practitioners outside who had come from very far places. These practitioners could not enter as the entrance tickets were already sold out. Therefore, they sat outside the hall every day to meditate and they refused to leave.

At that time, I did not know that this was to be the last time Master would be spreading the Fa in Changchun. On the 10th day, as I had something to do, I did not attend the lesson. That became my regret forever. My inner soul was full of painful remorse.

Twenty years later, when I think back about this matter, I understand that Master made use of this so as to enlighten me to the understanding that opportunities like this will not always be there. Everything will pass by quickly, so I need to cherish this opportunity and affinity which took me millions of years to culminate. Therefore, I need to be very diligent in my cultivation.

I firmly remembered Master’s teachings to use “Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance” as the standard to guide my behavior in the cultivation of my xinxing. I am immersed in the happiness and blissfulness of having the Fa throughout my life. Despite persecution, being locked up in cells, being beaten, losing my job, losing my home…...the happiness and bliss from obtaining the Fa still stays in my heart and never once did it disappear.