(Minghui.org) In traditional Chinese culture, a person of noble character always respects Heaven and worships Gods. He acts with restraint and is revered by others.

When a person has respect for Heaven and Earth, he is less prideful. When he has fear, he is less boastful, and when he is careful, he is less self-destructive.

In China today, people no longer have respect or fear of Heaven or Earth. People no longer worship Gods or Buddhas because religions have been denounced for many years under communist rule.

Some people will do anything for money and do not consider others or the consequences of their actions. We often hear about poisonous food and medicine, such as melamine-tainted milk powder and toxic vaccines. That's because merchants have little regard for life and no respect for the law, nor are they afraid of moral condemnation.

Without respect or fear, officials take bribes and do everything to benefit themselves. Without respect or fear, merchants lose their trustworthiness and integrity, and they will do anything to make a profit. Without respect or fear, people no longer believe that good is rewarded with good—instead, they indulge in depravity and fight endlessly.

When people have no faith in Gods, they dare to do whatever they want. They persecute cultivators like Falun Gong practitioners. But little do they know that when they persecute cultivators, they are persecuting themselves at the same time.

One example is that of Tao Yulong, the director of a community office in Weifang City. Tao had actively participated in the communist regime’s persecution of Falun Gong practitioners since 1999. He beat practitioners and extorted money from their families. He was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in 2018 and has been bedridden since.

In ancient times, Chinese emperors were referred to as Sons of Heaven (tianzi) and were supposed to follow the rules of Heaven. They ceremonially prayed and repented to Heaven. Many famous grottoes with large Buddha statues in China were created under their orders. They believed that when they respected and worshiped Buddhas and spread Buddhist dharma, they would be protected and blessed, the country would be stable, and people would prosper.

Sadly, some Chinese people today have no respect or fear of anyone or anything. They defame the Buddha Fa and persecute practitioners of Falun Gong. What they don't realize is that divine beings are everywhere; good will be rewarded, and evil will be punished. Gods are watching everything, and people are being judged as they always have been.

When people no longer hold to traditional values, the culture of the nation is lost. People only care about themselves and profit. Food is poisoned, medicine is adulterated—the people of China are killing themselves. Where is there hope for such a nation? What does the future hold?

“From emperor to peasant, there has never been a fearless person who did not die,” said Hong Zicheng, a Taoist monk from the Ming Dynasty.

Throughout history, those with no fear always met with self-destruction. May people always have respect and fear, and may they live with the blessings of Gods.