(Minghui.org) I started to practice Falun Dafa in 1998 and experienced much better health and well-being. My family also witnessed the goodness of Dafa. Prior to practicing, I suffered from many health problems, including tracheitis and back issues. I always caught colds and was never able to do without medications or injections.

After I started practicing Falun Dafa, Master purified my body. I had to sit up all night long because of the tracheitis. If I lay down, I'd start to cough. When I was at work during the day, however, I did not cough or wheeze. When I wasn’t working, I would start to cough or get short of breath. My husband worried about me and asked me to go see a doctor or take some medicine. I told him not to worry and that Master was purifying my body. As a practitioner, I need to believe in Master and Dafa. Prior to practicing, I was never able to accomplish anything. Now that I had obtained Dafa, I needed to have righteous thoughts for Master to take care of me.

One day, staff members came to inspect the condition of our building and asked us to move the bricks we'd placed in the hallway. My daughter and I started to carry the bricks downstairs. She was young then, so I told her not to carry too many at a time, that I would try to do a few more rounds and get it done.

My daughter suddenly shouted, “Mom, you aren't coughing or wheezing! You've recovered!” Indeed, Dafa is so miraculous! For many years, I was told that my tracheitis was not curable. When my husband came home from work that night, my daughter told him what had happened. He said, “Dafa saved you and helped you recover. You should continue to practice it. We support you.”

In 2008, my husband suffered a hemorrhage and was hospitalized. Two weeks later, he started having seizures. After the doctor gave him two injections, he fell asleep and did not wake up for eight days. His skin started shrinking. Doctors told me to be prepared for the worst. I asked them to try their best to save him.

They called two resident doctors and pushed my husband into the operating room. Without using any anesthesia, they drilled a hole in his head. The pain woke him up, and he fussed at the doctors for not using any anesthesia. The doctors started laughing and could not believe that my husband actually woke up. They thought he was basically dead at the time and were amazed when he came to. My husband told me that he had been listening to Master’s audio lectures that I'd played for him the previous eight days. I had also been begging Master in my heart to save my husband. Thank you, Master!

In 2016, my daughter noticed blood in her urine after she came home from work. Although she said she did not feel any pain or anything unusual, she was scared. The next day, doctors performed a CT scan that showed an egg-sized tumor on her kidney. She could not believe it, so she went for a second opinion with a tumor expert and got the same result. The doctors recommended surgery as soon as possible.

The girl who shared my daughter's room in the hospital had the same problem. After her surgery, she was in great pain, so my daughter got really upset and called me. I told her to recite, “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” I was also saying it at home.

The following day, right before her surgery, the doctor took another CT scan to confirm the location of the tumor. This time, the tumor was nowhere to be found. The doctor said it must have been a misdiagnosis. I found it hard to believe that three different hospitals had made the same misdiagnosis. It was Master and Dafa that saved my daughter.