(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Ye Baofu, 68, former deputy director/ vice president of the Yunnan Forestry Central Hospital, has been imprisoned for over 5 years. He suffered a cerebral embolism on September 5, 2017.

The Yunnan No. 1 Prison hid Mr. Ye's condition from his family and used a variety of excuses to prevent his family from visiting him. Now, Mr. Ye has been in the hospital for over 20 days, and the prison is still denying family visitations.

When Mr. Ye's wife, Yang Mingqing, and daughter, Ye Mao, were finally allowed to visit him on November 7, he had difficulty speaking and moved very slowly.

On November 13, Mr. Ye's wife and daughter filed an application with the Yunnan No. 1 Prison for his release so they could provide medical treatment for him. Female police officer Liu accepted the application and promised to give it to the related authorities.

Ms. Yang Mingqing called the prison on December 4 to schedule a visit with Mr. Ye. However, the prison staffer denied her request. The officer claimed that since Mr. Ye applied for bail for medical treatment, the prison had started a legal procedure and sent him to a hospital for assessment on November 22. The officer claimed they called Ms. Yang to inform her of this. But she was not at home on that day. The daughter did not receive a phone call either.

Ms. Yang questioned why Mr. Ye had been sent to the hospital for over 10 days and yet still hadn't been brought back to the prison. She was anxious that her husband's condition had deteriorated further. The officer said that Mr. Ye was fine.

Ms. Yang asked whether she could visit him in the hospital. The officer denied her request with the excuse that the hospital did not have a reception room. Ms. Yang asked when she could visit her husband and was told to call back in two days.

Ms. Yang called the prison again on December 7 to schedule a visit but was told that the next day's visitor schedule was full and she should call back the following Monday. Ms. Yang called on December 11 and December 12 but was still not allowed to schedule a visit. She was given various reasons why the visit was not allowed.

Mr. Ye's family is very concerned about him. The prison hid Mr. Ye's condition from the family when he was initially hospitalized in September. This time the prison also didn't provide the family with any information about Mr. Ye's condition; all they would say was that he was in the hospital.


Mr. Ye Baofu, his wife, and daughter were arrested by the Wuhua District Domestic Security police in Kunming City on May 4, 2012, for practicing Falun Gong. Mr. Ye was illegally sentenced to six years' imprisonment; his wife and daughter were sentenced to four years. Ms. Yang and Ms. Ye finished their prison terms in May 2016.

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