(Minghui.org) My celestial eye is open, and I can see things that happen in different dimensions. I believe that Teacher keeps my celestial eye open to encourage me to cultivate diligently.

When I went on the Minghui website on November 7, 2017, warmth flowed over me—the long-anticipated 14th China Fahui experience sharing articles had been published. I downloaded the articles and began to read.

When I was reading, I noticed that divine beings in heaven were also following this Fahui. Their expressions told me that they greatly treasured this Fahui. While the Minghui website hosts a Fahui for Dafa practitioners in mainland China once a year, for beings in other dimensions with different time-spaces, it can happen once every few million years, so they treasure this Fahui tremendously.

Scenes in Other Dimensions

In one magnificent scene, there was a crystal-clear curtain in the universe; two fairies held the curtain open, and in the center was a golden table engraved with diamonds. A wide, gentle beam of light poured down on the table. Gods at all layers of the universe were focused on this table.

At this time, a clear voice announced, “The 14th China Fahui now begins.” I could hear music playing in the heavens. When a practitioner went up to the table, his image underwent a tremendous change at the moment he entered the beam of light. I could see that he had changed into an enlightened being with mighty virtue and fortune.

The same transformation happened to every practitioner who shared their experiences at the table. They all displayed solemnity and elegance. I saw Cultivated Infants playing around a practitioner’s head while he was presenting his speech. I also saw heavenly beauties scattering flowers, law wheels, heavenly horses, golden phoenixes, dragons, and more. Rainbow clouds were in the sky above the conference hall. There were other beings and sights so magnificent that no human words could describe them.

The experience sharing articles were shown in other dimensions. I saw that the Fahui manifested as palaces in other dimensions, and each palace had a unique theme. One was “Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions” (Hong Yin Volume II), another was “Righteous thoughts can save the people in this world” (“The Fa Rectifies the Cosmos” from Hong Yin Volume II), a third one was “When disciples have ample righteous thoughts Master has the power to turn back the tide” (“The Master-Disciple Bond” from Hong Yin Volume II), and yet another was “let go of your desires, attain wisdom, and eliminate confusion” (“Determination” from Essentials for Further Advancement). The articles were arranged under each theme, and every article displayed the author’s path to godhood.

Fahui Transcends Different Times and Spaces

I read practitioners’ articles every day and saw magnificent views in other dimensions each time. The Fahui revealed various views at the practitioners’ levels, and each scene had very deep meaning. The views were grand and splendid, and I was completely amazed.

What was even more fortunate was that I saw Teacher in the vast space of brightness, full of mercy and grace. Layers upon layers of dimensions were rectified. Bright light, warmth, and happiness filled my heart.

The Minghui editorial department hosts a Fahui every year. Practitioners upload their articles between early August and mid-November. Minghui staff then sort, edit, and publish them on the website. Every article is filled with a practitioner’s heart and effort. Transcending time-spaces, the annual Fahui is displayed amid the focus and admiration of Gods and mortals in all dimensions.

With righteous thoughts and righteous actions, fellow practitioners have validated Master’s Fa. Their selflessness and righteous thoughts and actions have broadened other practitioners’ horizons and wisdom. Every practitioner who reads the articles has benefited, and high-level beings are moved by every miracle displayed in the articles.

In this process, sentient beings and Gods watch us closely, and Master looks after and enlightens us. Even though what I can see is limited, I still hope to share the scene’s magnificence and grandeur with fellow practitioners. I can only see a tiny spot in the grand display; I believe even more miracles are being displayed for all beings in the vast universe.

Displayed behind every practitioner who speaks in the Fahui was their splendid, majestic paradise. I sensed the sentient beings’ exalted longing for the return of their King. I saw one heavenly kingdom after another, all united in celebration; I saw countless eyes in the sky watching the Fahui. Benevolent Master was above the conference with a compassionate smile. It was a spectacular scene.

The path to divinity has been established. Cultivators on the path are rectifying the Fa and saving sentient beings using their righteous thoughts and righteous actions.

Even after the Fahui in this human world concluded, it was still happening in other dimensions. I saw the Fahui ending in one dimension on November 30; Gods looked contented but also did not want to leave. The Fahui concluded in another dimension on December 10, and Gods were cleaning up the conference location.

While reading fellow practitioner’s articles, I often shed tears and was deeply touched by each article. Comparing myself with other practitioners, I found my weakness and shortcomings. Their wisdom and righteous thoughts encouraged me to move forward.

I am deeply indebted to and grateful for Teacher, who has saved me and is leading me on the path home. I am grateful for all the beautiful things that have happened to me. I must cultivate even more diligently so as not to fall short of Teacher’s expectations.