(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioner Zhang Jiuhai, a 50-year-old resident of Xinggong Village, Liudian Town, Pinggu District of Beijing, has been detained for over four months and is awaiting trial by the Pinggu District Second Intermediate Court. Mr. Zhang's father is severely ill and on the verge of death, but is being left unattended.

Mr. Zhang had been living with his 74-year-old father until he was arrested by the local authorities on May 8, 2017. Officers from Luoying Police Station of Pinggu District broke in and ransacked his home the next morning, and confiscated a laptop, two printers and other Falun Gong materials.

His father had a bad fall in June and broke his hip. Since his arrest, Mr. Zhang's father has been alone, with nobody to care for him. He suffered from skin ulcers.

Their family had no savings and solely depended on production from their peach orchard, which had plenty of ripe peaches, but nobody to harvest them. As he could not afford the cost of hospitalization, Mr. Zhang was taken to the Pinggu District Hospital on September 3 by a friend. He was diagnosed with a femoral neck fracture. As his skin was severely ulcerated, with maggots in certain areas, surgery had to be postponed. He is currently struggling for his life.

Mr. Zhang was issued the official arrest warrant on June 14, 2017. His case was filed by the Procuratorate with the Pinggu District Court.

His defense attorney Tang asked for documentation from his village in support of the bail request, so that he could take care of his father. The village authorities found excuses to evade the attorney's request. In spite of this, his attorney still filed the request for bail with the Procuratorate and Court.

Since the persecution of Falun Gong started in1999, Mr. Zhang has been sentenced four times to forced labor terms, for a total of seven years, during which he was tortured by various methods. He suffered punitive force-feeding, beatings, and forced ingestion of unknown tablets that damaged his nervous system. Four of his ribs and right cheek bone were broken, and he urinated blood. His parents were also sentenced to forced labor. His mother passed away as a result. To avoid persecution, Mr. Zhang had been living out of town for years.

Details of his story have been published in previous articles below.

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