(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Ding Yuguo from Pudong District of Shanghai, China remains detained following his arrest on July 26, 2017 for refusing to renounce Falun Gong. Minnesota Senators Chris Eaton, Carolyn Laine and John Hoffman wrote a letter to the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Han Zheng and Shanghai mayor Ying Yong, requesting the immediate release of Mr. Ding and urging them to uphold the Chinese citizens' freedom of belief.

The letter states, “As members of the Minnesota State Senate, we are concerned about the policy of the Chinese government toward practitioners of Falun Dafa/Falun Gong and would like to ask for your assistance in the case of Mr. Ding Yuguo.

“Mr. Ding Yuguo, a friend of Minnesota residents, Chris Cheng and Akiko Tsutsui, is detained for allegedly possessing information regarding Falun Dafa/Gong. Members of his family and his fellow practitioners in Minnesota are very concerned about his well-being and treatment. Mr. Ding (Chinese National ID number: 310115198210214410) is being detained at Pu Dong New District Center.

“We respectfully request your help in securing the immediate release of Mr. Ding Yuguo. We are hopeful that, in your position, you can help to secure his release and work to reverse the policy of the government of detaining practitioners of Falun Dafa/Gong. By doing so, you will be working uphold the rights of Chinese citizens to freedom of expression and assembly.

“We fundamentally support human rights which are outlined in the Chinese constitution and the freedom of belief and expression. We would be very grateful for whatever assistance you could provide. Thank you very kindly in advance for your attention to this important matter.”

Mr. Ding Yuguo, born in 1982, is a honest young man in Jinqiao, Pudong District of Shanghai. After he saw through the Chinese Communist Party's lies about Falun Gong, and started practicing Falun Gong himself, his health was greatly improved. However, he was sentenced to five years in prison in 2008. He lost his job and was thrown into the notorious Tilanqiao Prison. After being released in 2013, Yuguo stayed positive and continued to follow the Falun Gong principles of Truthfulness- Compassion-Forbearance. He found a delivery job and worked hard.

Yuguo had just hopped on his bike to go to work on July 26 when a group of police came out of nowhere and searched him. When they found nothing they wanted, they produced three letters and six DVDs bearing Falun Gong messages, and claimed that Yuguo had distributed those items.

The police next ransacked his home without showing any ID or search warrant, and confiscated his computer. They took him to the Gaoxing Police Station. When his family asked what evidence the police had to arrest him, one officer said, "We'll come up with some evidence later on!"