(Minghui.org) From an early age, I wondered about the purpose of life. I thought about cultivating Buddhahood. When I went to temples, I would sometimes bring home some Buddhist scriptures. But when I opened the books, I had trouble understanding the text. I eventually stopped reading them.

After I got married, I worked and took care of my three children. Though my husband gave me a hand at home, I always felt exhausted.

My husband developed insomnia in 2001 due to pressure from his work. When worrying about our health, we found a flier in our mailbox that said, “Falun Dafa–free instruction.” My husband and I went to a nearby park to learn the exercises, and we found something that turned our life around.

Talking to Others Online

Soon after I started practicing Dafa, I began to talk to people online about Dafa and the persecution in China. A few days later, I ran into a friend online. He asked me, “How can you be so persistent?” My response was, “In order for one to succeed, even when doing an ordinary thing, one has to continue to the end.”

The internet is a good venue because it is not limited by distance, and one can do it in a very detailed and comprehensive way. One can also do follow-up work.

One will run into all kinds of people: some swear at you, some want money, some send you all kinds of inappropriate pictures, some pretend they want to give up their membership in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) but then turn around and curse at you, and some become afraid when quitting the CCP is mentioned to them.

Gradually, I became used to such behavior. One day, I decided to shut down the chat window when the person chatting with me appeared to be very vicious. After a short while, I thought, “How can I possibly save him if I discontinue our dialog? Where is my compassion? If we were to switch places, and I had been brainwashed from childhood and then subjected to Internet censorship, maybe I would be no better than he is.” Thinking that, I re-opened my chat window. I realized that I should not give up on him.

I also ran into one person who wanted to type instead of talk. Just then, many people wanted to chat with me, but I decided not to drop him but rather be patient. His attitude was terrible at the beginning, but when he saw videos and pictures of the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners and learned the facts, he decided to quit the CCP.

A few days ago, I ran into a student. After I told him facts about the persecution, he declared that he would quit the Youth League. Then, he told over a dozen of his friends about this and helped them withdraw their memberships from the Party. In the end, he said: “Let's work together to save this corrupt country.”

We had many truth-clarification scripts that were easy to use. After I downloaded them and became familiar with them, it was just a matter of copying and pasting the text into a chat window. For example, one practitioner did not know how to type, but he used this method to help quite a few people quit the Party.

Not Being Attached to Daily Quotas

Participating in online chats became the most important thing in my daily life. Some practitioners said that it was not easy to be online every day. I would tell them that this was all normal and that we should not be attached to tallying how many people we help quit the CCP every day. What was more important was whether we put our hearts into it and fully clarify the facts to people.

I also thought that for Chinese people who have been poisoned by the CCP’s lies and grown up being brainwashed by the Party, how easy can it be to change their minds? It is not easy. It may take some time. Therefore, no matter what kind of attitude they hold, whether they like to listen to us or not, I always pass on the software for breaking through the Internet censorship and make sure they knew how to use it.

When they saw the websites from outside China, read non-censored information, and then truly came to understand the crimes and lies by the CCP, they made wise decisions.

Giving Basic Facts about Falun Gong

During Internet chats, the other party often asked: “Why does one need to quit the Party? What's the benefit? What does it have to do with me?” I'd tell them about the staged self-immolation incident on Tiananmen Square and explain that it was a hoax used to turn the public against Dafa. I further explained that the Chinese government has been deceiving its own citizens and making up fake news to slander Dafa. Many people were shocked, as such information was all new to them.

After breaking through their misunderstandings about Dafa, I would move onto how people all over the world practice Dafa and the Chinese regime’s state-sanctioned killing of practitioners for their organs. I'd say, “Everyone needs to choose between good and evil. Who would want to go along with the evil?”

Many people would immediately choose to quit the Party. They would also be curious about what Falun Dafa is and the benefits of practicing it. I realized that most of them had no idea what Falun Dafa is, so I would tell them about the cultivation practice. When some hear about how it improves people’s health and morality, they also want to practice Dafa.