(Minghui.org) I live in a remote mountainous area near a famous tourist attraction. I am the only worker at a gas station where all the tourists have to pass, and I also live there.

The gas station is surrounded by mountains and graveyards. After sunset, people stopping at the station feel scared. In the winter, sundown is around 4 p.m. Even at that time, many tourists are afraid to come.

My husband works at a local tree farm, and sometimes he comes home late or has to go on business trips. Some friends asked me if I felt afraid when my husband was not home after dark. I told them that I am a Falun Dafa practitioner and that Master protects me, so there is nothing to be scared about.

Predestined People Come from All Over the Country

There are five farms and two villages in the area. Tourists and locals all come to the station for fuel. I always try my best to tell people about Dafa so that they would not be misled by the Chinese Communist Party's propaganda.

The company that owns the station only authorizes it to be open during the daytime for safety reasons. However, Master told us to be considerate of people. If I closed the station at night, many people would run out of gas and even freeze to death during the winter. Therefore, no matter how cold it is, when someone knocks on the door at night, I always go out to serve them. And I do my best to treat everyone with kindness.

The buses don't fill up often at my station; they mainly come to use the restrooms. I try to tell the bus riders the facts about Dafa if there is a chance.

Small cars normally stop for gas more often and for longer periods. With more time, I use the opportunities to tell them, “Mountain roads are rugged and slippery. You can recite, 'Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good' to protect yourselves.”

I then let them know about Dafa and the persecution being carried out by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Many have agreed to quit the Party. One man said to me, “It's good to get my gas here. I learned a lot in just a few minutes. What you talk about really makes sense!”

In another instance, a man asked me how I knew so much and what my education level was.

I told him, “I am a Dafa practitioner. I know a lot!”

Miracles Occur for People Who Understand the Facts

Many tourists have taken my suggestion to recite the two phrases and subsequently came back to tell me their miraculous stories.

A worker told me, “Yesterday afternoon, the saw at my home was broken. A big wheel from the machine shot out at high speed. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Without the protection of Falun Dafa, who knows how many people could have been injured. I still feel scared even when I think about it now.”

Several managers of the tree farms got promotions or moved to better positions after they resigned their memberships in the CCP. They said that Dafa brought them blessings. One of them happened to be a former classmate of mine. Every time he saw me, his first words would be, “Falun Dafa is good!”

He was a stationmaster of a tree farm. One year after resigning from the Party, he became the director of the entire tourist area, and the local people were very supportive of him.

The state of each Dafa practitioner's Fa study determines our strength in helping people. The better we study the Fa, the more miracles will happen.

My husband is a department head. He saw the goodness of Dafa by observing my behavior, and he quit the CCP by himself in January. Six months later, he was promoted.

His company built apartments for their employees, and he won the lottery twice for the apartment. His supervisors knew of my faith and said, “Everything turns out well for people who practice Dafa.”

In the spring of 2009, my husband and three other managers went on a business trip. On the way home, another vehicle hit their car, running it off the highway. Their car rolled several times and stopped in a pit.

Fortunately, no one was killed. However, one had a lumbar comminuted fracture, and another had a left arm fracture. However, my husband was uninjured. After the accident, one of their coworkers commented that the one who believed in “Falun Dafa is good” was unharmed.

The villagers in my area raise cattle in the mountains. They release their cattle in the summer and bring them back after the first snowfall. One night, a man stopped to get fuel. I told him about Dafa and asked him to recite "Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

The next morning, he showed up at my gas station again and told me that he had gone into the mountain to search for his cattle the previous night. He had been there before but could not find his cattle. This time, he kept reciting the phrases and finally found them; he pointed to the two cows in his truck.

In this remote mountainous area, people cannot easily obtain informational materials about Dafa. Most of them had been deceived by the CCP’s propaganda and initially laughed at me. However, no matter what they said to me, I still kept telling them the facts. Gradually, they listened and in the end were glad to take materials from me.