(Minghui.org) I grew up in a poor family where my parents, because of their different personalities, often fought with each other over trivial family issues. Therefore, my sisters and I lived in a horrible, depressing environment where my mother frequently took out her anger on us.

Miserable Childhood With Mother Being Unhappy and Sick

I felt like I was living in a bottomless pit. I tried to do what I could at home every day with the greatest of care, but still, I was often beaten and cursed by my mother. I felt like I lived in complete darkness - like a small boat sailing upon the sea at night, looking for a “beacon light” which could free me from these misfortunes of life.

In my memory, my mother had piercing eyes and always looked gloomy. She continually complained, especially about my father and his family’s injustice to her. On the other hand, my mother was unafraid of hardships and was willing to help others.

Due to long-term fatigue and mental stress my mother collapsed. She suffered from many illnesses such as headaches, eye pain, stomachaches, lower back and cervical pain, leg pain, and later breast cancer. Although she went to numerous hospitals for treatment and took all kinds of medicine, they didn’t help and she led a life of suffering.

Falun Dafa Gives Mother a New Lease on Life

One day in 1997, on seeing my mother suffering every day, a neighbor told her, “Please practice Falun Dafa which is very effective in curing illnesses. It can also teach people to be kind and increase people’s morals.”

Having heard that this practice was so good, my mother was very interested and started to learn Falun Dafa at a nearby practice site. After studying Falun Dafa and doing the exercises for a period of time, my mother’s diseases were gone! She is now walking around easily and has become mild mannered with a smile on her face not seen for ages!

One day, my mother said to me, “You should learn Falun Dafa! Falun Dafa is the Buddha law!” I refused because I was very busy preparing for professional examinations at that time. In addition, my refusal to learn Falun Dafa had to do with my resentment toward my mother. Even so, my mother used every opportunity to keep telling me about Falun Dafa.

On seeing how profoundly my mother had changed both physically and mentally, now always cheerful and with kind eyes, I thought that I would like to give Falun Dafa a try.

Finding the “Beacon Light” I Dreamed About

After reading the book Zhuan Falun, I have suddenly seen the light and my outlook has completely changed. From the bottom of my heart, I cried out, “I have found it and found what I have been looking for since my childhood – the “beacon light” I have been looking for in my dreams for decades!”

I have learned why people have come to this world; suffering from hardships is karmic retribution and it is to eliminate sin. Everything is involved in predestined relationships and everything is determined by fate which is arranged by God, including everything in heaven and on earth. In a different period, God will send those enlightened people to the earth and offer salvation to people by spreading the Fa and teaching people to be kind. When facing hardship or suffering, people are being taught how to resolve them. Those who know how to forbear are truly wise people.

My Illnesses Miraculous Disappeared

Since studying Dafa, a variety of my diseases such as headaches, cervical spondylosis, stomachaches and leg pain have disappeared. For a period of time, my menstrual period lasted for six months without going away. I looked pale and was weak because of this tribulation. On seeing this condition, my husband was so worried and kept persuading me to see doctors, but I was not affected by this.

At that time, a TV program aired an interview with several patients in a hospital who had the same condition as mine. Although they had been hospitalized for several months, these patients were still feeling so weak that they hardly had the strength to speak.

After watching this program, my husband realized that it was difficult even for hospitals to cure my condition, and he stopped advising me to see doctors. I told him that I only believed in Dafa and that my condition would go away if I am a real Dafa practitioner.”

Very soon, a miracle occurred and my period became normal and I have become stronger! Dafa is so extraordinary!

Educating My Son to Resolve Grudges with Compassion

Through the study of Dafa, I have understood the meaning and the philosophy of life. I have used these understandings to educate my son and observed his ability to solve problems between friends.

When my son was very young, he wanted to play with twin brothers a little older than he, who lived nearby. However, every time they saw him, the twin brothers would beat my son. For several years, this situation continued.

I wondered what the predestined relationship was between them? When my son reached school-age, he and the twin brothers were accidentally assigned to the same classroom. At school, the brothers always bullied my son. I told my son: “It is better to make friends than enemies. We should remember that we should not fight back when beaten or cursed. You will lose virtue if you hit someone. In other words, it was likely that you owed them because of your mistreating them in your previous lives. They will not hit you once you return the debt.”

Ten years passed and the twin brothers no longer bullied my son, and later they also have become good friends.

Dafa can solve all deep resentments, free sentient beings from suffering and lead you to the light. I hope that more people will experience the blessings of Dafa and that it will become their “beacon light.”