(Minghui.org) I am an 87-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner from a remote area in Hunan Province and I have been practicing Dafa since 1997.

Before practicing Dafa, I suffered from a number of illnesses, which disappeared after I became a practitioner. For that reason, I talk to everyone about Dafa. I even started an exercise site at my house, and many people have come to learn this cultivation practice.

After the onset of the persecution, I kept talking to people about Dafa in nearby villages. To be more mobile, I got a motorcycle.

Disaster Turns Into Opportunity to Talk about Falun Dafa

Once when I was riding along an embankment, I did not see a large hole. Suddenly, I appeared to be in thick grass in water and branches, which held my motorcycle above water. Only the power of Dafa could be responsible for this protection.

I could not move the motorcycle on my own, so I looked around and saw an elderly lady, whom I asked for help.

“I am over 70-years-old,” she said. “How can I help you lift up such a heavy motorcycle?”

I told her not to worry because we had divine help. We lifted it without any problem after counting to three.

She was surprised and said, “Why is your motorcycle as light as a bicycle?” After I told her that I practiced Falun Dafa and that the Master of this cultivation practice helped us, she said that she was amazed, and listened to me tell her the facts about Dafa.

Power of Dafa: Broken Knee Cap Healed Within Two Weeks

One winter morning, I planned to pass out Dafa informational materials in a nearby village. But, after I stepped out the door, I fell. When trying to get up, I could not move my right leg.

When I touched the knee, I found that the knee cap was broken, and dislocated. This is interference, I thought, and was certain that for a practitioner, the leg would be fine. Enduring the pain, I squeezed the knee very hard and the cap snapped back into place.

After staying home for a week, doing the Dafa exercises, and reading its main book Zhuan Falun, I was able to walk. Two weeks later, I was able to ride the motorcycle to places further away from my home and tell people about Dafa.

Uncle Motorcycle

Although I am already 87, as soon as I get on the motorcycle, I become a young man. Over the past 17 years, I have gone to all nearby small villages. Most people now know me, trust me, and enjoy talking to me and learning more about Falun Dafa. They call me “Uncle Motorcycle.”

I knock on people's doors, or talk to them while they are working on their farms. I tell them all about Dafa, why the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launched the persecution, and that the Party vilifies and fabricates stories about Dafa to incite hatred.

When people have conflicts with their neighbors, I help solve the problems with the Falun Dafa principles of “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.” People listen to me, and thank me.

Those who have learned the truth believe that Dafa is great, and that practitioners are good people. They recognize the corrupt nature of the Party. Even Party members quit the CCP with my help. They have often helped and protected me when law enforcement personnel tried to harass me.