(Minghui.org) Yang Jian is a Xuantan Town Comprehensive Administration Office official in Luxian County, Sichuan Province. He has been very active in harassing and intimidating people about Falun Gong, including both those who practice and those who don't practice.

Ms. Yu Shuqing, 80, was threatened by Yang, who said, “Your name is on the list at the police department. Are you still practicing Falun Gong? I can remove your name if you stop. Then your family’s younger generation wont have any trouble applying for work. You need to think about the younger ones in your family.”

Ms. Yu was forced to call her son, who returned home immediately. He was not against his mother’s practice and refused to listen to Yang's threats.

Ms. Tang Shiyin, 70, from Xuantan Town, was also harassed by Yang, who said that Falun Gong was a cult. Ms.Tang replied, “There is nothing wrong with Falun Gong. Practicing it has enabled me to become a healthy and good person. I don’t hit back when hit. I don’t swear back when insulted, and I don’t steal or do other bad things.”

Yang then asked Ms. Tang how many people were in her family, and to list their names.

Ms. Tang Darong, 70, who does not practice Falun Gong, was pressured into signing a guarantee statement denouncing Falun Gong. Yang declared, “If you ever practice Falun Gong, your son and grandson won't be able to join the military.”

Yang forced Ms. Wang to sign her name in March 2017 on his paperwork, promising that she would not practice Falun Gong. Yang said that if she refused to sign, her son and grandson would be affected. Ms. Wang was worried for them, and signed her name, even though she had never practiced Falun Gong.