(Minghui.org) Ms. Wang Xiuqin, a 74-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner from Dehui City, Jilin Province, was beaten and detained while appealing for her daughters, who were sentenced for their belief.

Beaten by Police

Ms. Yang Jinyu and Ms. Yang Jinfeng first appeared in Dehui City Court on March 24, 2017. Their mother, Ms. Wang Xiuqin, tried to attend the trial, but was removed from the court entrance by officers from the Dehui Domestic Security Division.

She was, however, able to enter the courtroom for the second hearing on July 18, 2017. Ms. Wang addressed the court, “My two daughters are noble people. I am very proud of them. Falun Dafa is good! Falun Dafa is righteous! The CCP [Chinese Communist Party] is evil, and won't last long!”

She was immediately dragged out of the courtroom by four officers. Her left arm and right hand were bruised in the commotion. Her husband was later forced to leave the courtroom as well.

The two daughters were sentenced to prison on July 18.

Ms. Wang went to the Dehui Domestic Security Division on July 25 to file a complaint for the abuse by police. She handed the document to one of the officers, who laughed at her, and then rolled up a stack of paper and repeatedly beat her head and cursed at her.

A young police officer dragged Ms. Wang out of the office, while the officer she handed the complaint to followed them, punching her head, ears, and face. The officer then threatened to kick her down the stairs. As a result, Ms. Wang experienced severe head pain and hearing loss.

Yao Yongkui, the director of the Domestic Security Division, watched the whole incident. He and another police officer also verbally abused Ms. Wang.

Previously Detained

Ms. Wang's daughters were arrested in September 2016.

Ms. Wang three times visited Sun Yongchao from the Procuratorate, who was in charge of the case, to ask if his office had approved the arrests, and asked for the legal basis for the arrests in writing.

Sun Yongchao promised each time that she would get an answer, but it wasn't until February 17, 2017, when she was told that her daughters were being charged, and the case had already been sent to the court.

Ms. Wang asked to see the head of the Procuratorate to file a complaint. Xu Jin, deputy director of the Procuratorate, and Sun Yongchao then called the police and had her detained for ten days.