(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioners have been persecuted in China for 18 years. During this time, practitioners have persevered in telling people about Falun Gong and why the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) persecutes them.

More and more people can now see through the CCP's propaganda, and they have started protecting Falun Gong practitioners from the authorities.

Villagers Protect Falun Gong Practitioners

One of my neighbors knows that I practice Falun Gong and told me that the police came to our village one day and asked the residents where I live. They told the police, “People who practice Falun Gong don't do bad things. Why do you want to arrest them? You police aren't doing good things.”

This officer then went into a small shop and asked the people there the same question, but they all remained silent. They then left the shop one after the other. The officer then came out of the shop, muttering to himself, “It isn't possible to take them away any more. All of these people are protecting them.”

“You Can Go Now Because You Believe in Falun Gong”

A farmer named Dazhuang hit an old man with his car one day. The old man laid on the ground and didn't want to get up. Dazhuang was so frightened and started sweating. He thought that he might have to pay a lot of compensation to the old man.

A passerby said to Dazhuang, “Hurry up and take him to the hospital.” People helped to put the man into Dazhuang's car.

On the way to the hospital, the man opened his eyes and saw a Falun Dafa pendant hanging in the car. He asked Dazhuang, “Do you believe in Falun Gong?”

“Yes,” Dazhuang replied.

The man said to him, “You can let me out now. I planned to make you pay for an emergency room visit, but you can go now because you believe in Falun Gong.”