(Minghui.org) One recent night, before going to bed, I re-read a practitioner's sharing article that I had saved on my tablet. Because the article was quite long, I read a small part of it and fell asleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night. Since the tablet was next to my pillow, I continued to read the article. I read part of it and fell asleep again.

I then had a vivid dream: I was standing on a boat that was sailing. A helicopter suddenly appeared, not far from the boat, and scattered two large Chinese characters – 法宝 (meaning “Fa implements”). The helicopter was landing slowly on the water near the boat, and then it was spinning and sinking towards the bottom.

I woke up, feeling puzzled, and wondered why I had such a clear dream. I normally cannot see things with my celestial eye, but I've had dreams every now and then. Perhaps due to my human notions and thought karma, my dreams usually convey disconnected, illogical, and unclear messages.

I kept pondering the meaning of “Fa implements.” To a Dafa practitioner, the words must allude to the Fa. Cultivating in Dafa is like riding a helicopter, which enables a practitioner to elevate upward and improve quickly.

I have been somewhat attached to articles written by practitioners experiencing gradual enlightenment. It would be really dangerous if I preferred reading such articles over studying the Fa!

I looked inward and found several attachments – having curiosity, wanting to show off, and liking novelty.

I have always been fond of sharing articles about things in other dimensions. In recent years, I have been saving these types of articles on my tablet. In doing so, I have inadvertently emphasized their importance, which suited my human notions and attachments. I admired practitioners who wrote these types of articles. I read them every now and then, even though some were published several years ago.

These articles moved me and gave me inspiration. They increased my confidence and broadened my thinking. Therefore, I unconsciously used them as guides and mulled them over with great interest. I made the mistake of putting the cart before the horse.

When I felt drowsy or had interference during Fa study, I would read one of the experience sharing articles. Then I felt energized. This was a sign that I had deviated from the normal state of cultivation.

Dafa is the only thing that can guide us and help us improve. Treating the Fa as the Teacher is the correct state of cultivation.

I hope that practitioners who are in a similar situation will take my experience as a form of warning. We must get rid of our human notions and eliminate the attachments of pursuit, curiosity, and seeking novelty. Let us follow the Fa principles to rectify ourselves.

I would like to quote from Master's lecture to encourage everyone:

“I am pointing out this issue to let everyone know that once there is such a person, you must be sure not to regard him as a remarkable, enlightened person. This is a very serious issue in cultivation practice. Only through following this Dafa can you do things correctly. You should not follow or listen to him because he has supernormal abilities, supernatural powers, or because he can see some things.” (Zhuan Falun)

These are my current understandings; please kindly point out anything inappropriate.