(Minghui.org) More and more young Falun Dafa disciples are participating in Dafa events each year, but behavior is an issue. Some run around at candlelight vigils, some play or make loud noises at exercise sites and stalls, or babies cry when we study the Fa. Parents need to look after their children and respect the Dafa activities taking place and other practitioners.

I walked in front of children at one parade this year. Soon after the parade started, two of them started to play, using inappropriate language and hitting each other with the flags they were holding. Their parents didn’t come stop them, so I had to.

After the event, I spoke to the parents and the coordinator about the children, because what these two children were saying was not appropriate. They weren’t using swear words, but what they were saying wasn't polite.

Also, we need to consider the places we reserve for Fa study or other activities. We need first to respect Dafa and Master, but we should also respect the places and the people nearby. That means we should pay attention to gathering in hallways, which may limit access for other patrons, and not eat in places where it is not permitted.

Some children even behave badly when their parents try to reprimand them–kicking, punching, and throwing tantrums.

Parents or guardians of young Dafa disciples should educate their children well. Tell them how to behave and let them know about the event they are attending and why they have to behave in a certain way.

Children need to understand why it is important to show respect for other practitioners and for strangers. They should know it is especially important to show respect to Dafa and Master when they participate in Fa study and Dafa activities.

If our young disciples behave well at events or activities, isn't this also a validation of the beauty of Dafa?