(Minghui.org) I have been submitting articles to Minghui.org for over ten years. I know that the staff at Minghui are attentive, serious and responsible toward their work.

They handle numerous articles from China every day and deal with practitioners' problems and xinxing issues while reviewing the articles. It is not an easy job.

The process of writing and submitting articles is one of cultivation. Sometimes the answers to my questions came to me while writing an article. At the same time, the article reflected my understandings of the Fa and my sense of responsibility toward practitioners and sentient beings.

I felt guilty when some of my articles had to be substantially edited by practitioners at Minghui. Had I been more attentive and responsible for those articles, I would have saved them more time and energy.

If an article was not published, I would look inward to see if my motives were impure, or if I had any attachments. I also did my best to write articles with sincerity and not hastily, hoping to save the editors time.

When I looked at a problem based on the Fa, when I was calm and compassionate, when I truly showed consideration for others and their levels of understanding, my article was precise, clear and quickly published.

There were many reasons why some of my articles were not published. It could be due to its low quality, a story that was hard to understand, conflicting narratives, lack of important information, or the attachment of wanting to persuade others.

Minghui often gathers information first and publishes comprehensive reports later, or waits for the submission of a more comprehensive article. Thus, an article would not be published if it does not cover a general issue or a major topic comprehensively. A Minghui editorial, “To Practitioners Whose Articles Are Not Published,” published in Chinese on August 1, 2004, provides more detailed information.

Mistakes have been sometimes found in published Minghui reports, but they are corrected as soon as the needed information is provided. The mistakes are caused by the censorship in China, where the accuracy of the information is hard to verify or errors are introduced during the transmission process. However, mistakes also occur because of some practitioners' tendency to exaggerate and their careless attitudes.

Thus, I would like to remind practitioners in China to take responsibility and be serious when writing an article. Do not exaggerate, assume, or guess; we can only report facts. This is being responsible to Minghui's credibility and one’s own cultivation.

One of the perplexities of communicating with Minghui is the unresponsiveness of the practitioners in charge. One reason is that they are very busy and do not have time to respond to so many practitioners in China.

However, not responding is probably also a form of response. Practitioners who contact Minghui should look inward and reach their own understandings instead of depending on Minghui staff to provide all the answers. We should measure everything with the Fa principles to resolve our problems and conflicts.

Furthermore, due to everyone's unique environment, habits, understandings, and different methods of expression, online responses can cause ambiguity and misunderstandings. This was perhaps another reason Minghui does not respond to all our inquiries.

Minghui does respond when practitioners have serious problems or deviate from the Fa. Some practitioners, because of their attachments, say that Minghui does not understand their circumstances. It is not that Minghui is absolutely right; it's just that they have gained a lot of experience through the years and thus have a general understanding of the situation and problems in China. They can examine a problem in its entirety while being responsible to the “one body.”

Minghui treasures practitioners in China and takes their safety into consideration. Master affirms and looks after Minghui, so there is no problem with its direction.

We should cultivate ourselves and try to understand Minghui's situation. We should not harbor bad thoughts, complaints or resentment toward Minghui. We should do our best to maintain the integrity of our website.