(Minghui.org) Words cannot describe my gratitude to Master. Through cultivation, I have realized that if Dafa practitioners study the Fa well and firmly believe in Master and Dafa, we can break the old forces' arrangements. All bad factors would be transformed into a foundation of mighty virtue. The battle between righteousness and evil could be transformed into opportunities to disintegrate the old forces and save countless lives.

Here, I will share an example from my own experience. If it is not aligned with the Fa, please compassionately correct me.

I gave informational DVDs about Falun Dafa to three policemen. I also tried to explain to them the goodness of Dafa, but they would not listen and took me to the local Domestic Security Division. My first thought was to ask my relatives (who were police officers) to get me released. However, I immediately realized that I would be relying on ordinary people. I then eliminated that idea and recalled Master's Fa:

… face the evil people with righteous thoughts at all times. No matter what the situation, do not cooperate with the evil’s demands, orders, or what it instigates. (“Dafa Disciples’ Righteous Thoughts are Powerful” from Essentials for Further Advancement II)

I calmed down, and my mind became like still water.

One officer ordered me to squat down. I replied that I had not committed a crime, so I shouldn’t have to squat. He then told me to sit on the sofa, which I did. I called my sister to tell her I had been arrested. The officer approached me, reaching for my phone, but I stopped him. He did not try too hard.

Several more officers came over. The deputy captain was abusive and even kicked me in my knees. They began to ask my name, address and other personal information, but I did not answer.

Instead, I told them about Dafa and tried to persuade them not to follow Jiang Zemin and his accomplices in persecuting Dafa practitioners. (Jiang Zemin is the former Communist Party leader who instigated and maintains the persecution of Falun Dafa.) I spoke about the beauty of Falun Dafa and how my physical and mental health has improved since I started practicing.

I also told them about the crimes committed by the Chinese Communist Party during its reign. I said that evil deeds lead to retribution and reminded them that their previous two captains had already received karmic retribution for persecuting practitioners. I said that I hoped they could understand and be saved. At times, they did not let me speak, so I sent forth righteous thoughts and waited for the next opportunity to tell them more.

They complained that I did not cooperate with them. I told them that it was because I didn’t want them to suffer in the future for committing crimes against Dafa. They said they were not afraid of retribution or even going to hell and only needed me to cooperate. I said that I would still like to help them.

An officer left the room and returned with a photo of Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa, and unfolded it on the ground. I knew that they intended to step on Master’s photo to coerce me. I advised him not to do that and said the act would harm him. The officer rolled up the picture and put it away.

I was sitting on the couch, and they were standing. They acted as if they were testing me, but it was more like I was teaching them how to behave. The evil controlling them was very cunning. When I told them the facts, sometimes they listened seriously and even asked questions occasionally. But they acted this way to lower my guard. They would suddenly switch to interrogating me.

That day, my mind was particularly clear, and I could see what they were thinking. I knew Master was by my side and protecting me, caring for me and giving me wisdom. I was never fooled during the whole interrogation, from beginning to end.

They learned my name after my sister, who is not a practitioner, came to see me. Because my residence was not registered with the local authorities, they tried to learn more about me through the Internet. However, they couldn’t log into their network no matter how hard they tried. I told them it was because they were prevented from persecuting Dafa disciples. The officers gave up trying.

The police then fabricated an "interrogation record" and asked me to sign it. I said that it had nothing to do with me, so I could not sign. The police almost begged me to sign the document, but I firmly refused. I finally left that place in an upright and dignified manner after talking to them for about five hours.

Of course, during this time, local practitioners were also sending forth righteous thoughts. The strength of the whole group could not be ignored. A family member, who was also a practitioner, talked to other relevant parties about Dafa, and other relatives also actively helped through their connections. I realized that this was Master’s ingenious arrangement to use a variety of relationships to help me overcome the tribulation, so that people could position themselves correctly and be saved.

During this incident, both practitioners and non-practitioners played positive roles, which created good cooperation as a whole. I also realized that as long as we are not attached, Master can do anything for us, and everything will be arranged perfectly. This also reinforces what Master said:

But all the same, Master doesn't acknowledge them. And you shouldn't acknowledge them either. Do things well in an upright and dignified way, negate them, and strengthen your righteous thoughts some. "I'm Li Hongzhi's disciple, I don't want other arrangements or acknowledge them"--then they won't dare to do that. So it can all be resolved. When you can really do that, not just saying it but putting it into action, Master will definitely stand up for you. (Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference )

Master often emphasizes the importance of studying the Fa. Although I didn’t deeply understand this, I knew that Master stressed it. So it must be important, and I must pay attention to really studying well.

I found that when I studied the Fa well, I knew how to conform to the Fa without careful pondering. It became easier to harmonize a variety of relationships. When I encountered a conflict, I naturally knew to look inward for my own shortcomings so that I could be in the state of a practitioner. During the past few times when the group had issues as a whole, my mind was very clear, and I could play the role of defending the Fa, harmonizing the group and maintaining stability.

I now deeply understand that studying the Fa well is our fundamental guarantee. It is the fundamental protection for our righteous thoughts and for completing our mission to save all beings.

I have been practicing Falun Dafa since 1998. As a Dafa disciple, I feel very happy and proud in my heart. Pressures are reduced, and I am more at ease. The more I firmly believe in Master and Dafa, the more righteous thoughts I have.