(Minghui.org) I was persecuted for 5 years because of practicing Falun Gong, and I was detained in a forced labor camp for 18 months. I became quite fearful, which I overcame by studying diligently the Falun Gong teachings.

Staying Away from Home

To avoid being illegally arrested, I went into hiding for a long time. During that period, my family suffered a lot, especially my mother-in-law. She missed me and died before she could see me.

“My mother died because she missed you,” my husband said. “A few days before she died, she called your name all the time. She wondered where you were, and she wanted to see you one last time.” Everyone who was with her was sad. When I heard this, my heart was broken.

We got along very well. We had lived together for over 20 years, and we always helped each other.

It was a pity that I could not be with her that last moment. I was worried about going home and had not given any contact information to my family.

After my mother-in-law died, my situation worsened. I was scared about being persecuted. I did not know how to face police harassment. I even tried to hide my Falun Gong books, but could not think of a place where I could hide them.

Awakened by Fa Study

Master said:

“Everyone, keep up your diligent efforts! Human history does not exist for [people] to take being human as its final goal, nor is human history a recreation ground created for the evil to display its viciousness. Mankind's history was established for the Fa-rectification, and only Dafa disciples are worthy of displaying their glory here.” (“To the 2005 European Experience Sharing Conference “)

Master's words gave me a new understanding of Fa truths two years ago. In the human word, during the war between righteous and evil, practitioners should take the leading role.

Then, I remembered from the book Journey to the West that a master and his four disciples had to face 81 tests and they were extremely dangerous on the surface. However they passed them, while the evil lost. What I practice is Falun Gong, which is the most righteous Fa in the universe. Thus, what is there to fear?

Suddenly I felt that a substance was removed from my body. I copied this particular passage of the Fa and memorized it. Whenever I felt fear in my heart, I recited it and after reciting it over a dozen times, I no longer held any fear whenever I heard that practitioners were arrested or harassed by police. I no longer wanted to hide my Falun Gong books.

A Practitioner Has Nothing to Fear

A practitioner had traveled quite some distance to visit me in March 2017. She asked me to help her write an article for World Falun Dafa Day. When we had completed two thirds of the article, a practitioner warned us. Local police were searching door to door for a fellow practitioner from a nearby village. She told us to hide all Falun Gong related materials to avoid being arrested.

My fellow practitioner wanted to leave, but I told her not to be scared. I suggested that we go to another practitioner's home to finish the article.

Two days later, local police came to my home, but I was not at home, so they left. They returned a few days later and this time I was submitting experience sharing articles to the Minghui website for some practitioners. I turned off the computer, hid, and they left. When they returned two hours later, they still did not find me. They told my family not to be scared, because they only wanted to ask me some questions.

I did not want to hide anymore, or I would miss the submission deadline. I thought about what to do. Then I thought, “I'm a Falun Gong practitioner and have nothing to fear. I will take this chance to clarify the truth to the police.”

The police returned the next day and I invited them into my house. I asked them to sit down for a talk. Unlike policemen from years ago who acted like thugs, the two policemen were calm. One of them asked me if I still practiced Falun Gong.

“Yes,” I said. “Before practicing Falun Gong, I was very sick and close to death. However, I regained my health by practicing Falun Gong. Because of Falun Gong, I got a new life. I will never stop practicing.”

I told them that when I was detained in a forced labor camp, I told the guards my story. One of them was very sympathetic and became my friend.

The policemen responded, “Falun Gong is good, please continue to practice at home.”

I asked them if practicing Falun Gong is allowed and he said, “No, this is just my personal opinion.”

Without fear, everything went smoothly. I experienced how wonderful it is to cultivate openly.

Since then, I have often shared my truth clarification experiences with fellow practitioners. Some listened to me and followed my suggestions. The effect has been very good.